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Each and every one of you will be sent home to your mama in a box!
The Soldier on his enemies' future prospects

The Black Box is a primary weapon for the Soldier class. It appears as a rectangular-shaped black Rocket Launcher sporting a couple of fastening bands near the firing end and case coverings hanging open at both ends of the weapon.

On every successful hit with the Black Box, the player will be awarded 15 health points. This effect will stack should the rocket deliver damage to multiple enemies at one time, as indicated by the health counter in the HUD. In return, this weapon can only hold three rockets per clip.

Should a Pyro successfully reflect a Black Box rocket and it collides with an enemy, the health bonus will be given to the Pyro.


See also: Damage
Range[1] Damage per Rocket Mini-Crit Damage Critical damage
Point Blank 105-112 122 270
Medium 50-95
Long 45-65


  • Base: 90
  • Max Ramp Up: 125% (112 damage)
  • Max Fall Off: 53% (48 damage)
  • Splash Damage Reduction: 1% per 2.88 Hammer Units away from epicenter to a minimum of 50% at 9 feet (144 Hammer Units)
  • Splash Radius: 9 feet (144 Hammer Units)
    • Splash at 3 ft/1m: 226 Critical hit
    • Splash at 6 ft/2m: 140 Critical hit
  • Rocket Jump Damage to Self: 27-46
    • Critical Hit: Deals same amount of self damage as a regular rocket jump.
  • Splash Damage to Self: 27-89
    • Critical Hit: Deals same amount of self damage as regular self damage.
  • Health Gain: 15hp
    • Note: Pyros reflecting Black Box rockets will receive the health gain instead.

Function times

  • Attack Interval: 0.8
  • Reload Base: 0.8
  • Additional Reload: 0.92

Reload base is the time it takes to reload the first ammo. Additional reload is the time it takes to reload each ammo after the first. All times are in seconds. Times are approximate and determined by community testing.

Item set

This item is part of the Tank Buster set. When the entire set is worn, the set provides this additional bonus:

  • +20% sentry damage resistance on wearer

The other set items are:

A general demonstration of all the items in this set can be viewed below.


Direct Hit Reclaimed Metal Black Box
Item icon Direct Hit.png + Item icon Reclaimed Metal.png = Item icon Black Box.png


  • The Black Box was originally based on the real world M202 FLASH incendiary Rocket Launcher, the four barrel holes were swapped for one due to gameplay issues.
  • This weapon's name is a reference to Black Box flight recorders, which are colored Orange. (This might be a reference to the Orange Box, a pack which Team Fortress 2 is sold in.)*Coincidentally, Valve was going to release a pack of three games (Portal, Half-Life 2: Episode Two and Team Fortress 2) which was called the Black Box. It was never released, though.
  • The rear lid of the Black Box is not fixed and therefore has a jigglebone effect. This has resulted in clipping issues, most noticeably with the Buff Banner and Battalion's Back-up weapons worn on the Soldier's back.
  • Larolaro, creator of this weapon, also created and submitted The Homewrecker.
  • In science and engineering, a Black Box is a device, system or object which can be viewed solely in terms of its input, output and transfer characteristics.


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  1. Medium range is defined as the main resupply door to the opposite wall on the upper level of ctf_2fort. Long range is defined as battlement to battlement on ctf_2fort. Base damage is the damage done at 512 units before damage variance or bullet spread. Ramp up maxes out at 0 units. Fall off maxes out at 1024 units. Explosive damage varies depending on how it hits a player, the larger the classes hit box and the closer you are to the explosion the more damage you will take, the further away from the explosion the less damage you can take. Explosions do the most damage when they happen at the mid point of a player model, the explosion will cover more of the hit box and thus do the most damage. Damages are approximate and determined by community testing.