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TF2 Auctions
Website Info
Author: pnatural
Buck up, lads! We'll get 'em next time.
The Demoman losing an auction

TF2 Auctions is a trading website run by "pnatural" and built on Steam's WebAPI.


TF2 Auctions allows users to bid on the items of other users. Users can select the winning bid of their choice after the auction is over.

The site allows potential traders to meet with others, regardless of if they are online. The site integrates OpenID for secure Steam login and includes a viewable backpack. The site does not automatically trade items once put up for bid, as it is only a platform for would-be traders to meet up and barter their items.

It is also possible for users to sign up as premium subscribers. Several special features are available to subscribers, such as the ability to make their auctions appear at the top of both the front page and search results pages that the items fall under, the option to create auctions for which the minimum bid is an amount of money, and other minor benefits such as cosmetic changes.