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This article is for Competitive play, based on the Standard competitive format. For the generic article on this topic, see: Engineer.
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The Engineer (oftentimes shortened to "engy", "engie", "engi", or mispelled to "engine") is a situational utility class sometimes used in the standard competitive lineup, valued for his defensive support and area denial capabilities.



Condition Health Overheal Quick-Fix Overheal
Leaderboard class engineer.png Engineer 125 185 155
With the Gunslinger equipped 150 225 185


Condition Normal Backward Crouched Swimming
Leaderboard class engineer.png Engineer
100 %
90 %
33 %
80 %
Hauling a building
75 %
68 %
25 %
60 %


Main article: Engineer weapons (competitive)

The Engineer uses his PDA Build and Destroy tools to construct buildings to help his team. He uses his melee Wrenches to upgrade, repair, and re-stock them.

Weapon Notes / Special abilities
PDA Build
Primary PDA

Construction PDA

Pictogram info.png Allows the player to place the Sentry Gun, Dispenser, and both Teleporters in the world.

PDA Destroy
Secondary PDA

Destruction PDA

Pictogram info.png Allows the player to destroy his Sentry Gun, Dispenser, and both Teleporters.


Note that all the Engineer's melee weapons are capable of building, repairing and upgrading buildings, as well as removing Sappers.

Weapon Kill Icon Ammo
Damage Range Notes / Special Abilities
Killicon wrench.png N/A N/A Base:


Golden Wrench
Golden Wrench
Killicon golden wrench.png Limited item from the Engineer Update.

Pictogram info.png Killed enemies freeze into solid Australium statues (purely cosmetic feature).

Killicon saxxy.png Limited item from the Replay Update.

Pictogram info.png Killed enemies freeze into solid Australium statues (purely cosmetic feature).

Killicon gunslinger.png N/A N/A Base:


Pictogram info.png Replaces standard Sentry Gun with Combat Mini-Sentry Gun.

Pictogram plus.png Increases maximum health by 25 points.
Pictogram plus.png Guarantees a Critical hit on a third consecutive punch.
Pictogram minus.png No random Critical hits.

Killicon gunslinger triple punch.png
Southern Hospitality
Southern Hospitality
Killicon southern hospitality.png N/A N/A Base:


Pictogram plus.png On hit: causes opponent to bleed for 5 seconds.

Pictogram minus.png Raises fire vulnerability by 20%.
Pictogram minus.png No random Critical hits.

Killicon jag.png N/A N/A Base:


Pictogram plus.png +30% Faster construction rate.

Pictogram minus.png –25% Damage done.

Eureka Effect
Eureka Effect
Killicon eureka effect.png N/A N/A Base:


Pictogram plus.png On Alt-Fire: Teleport to spawn.

Pictogram minus.png Cannot carry buildings.


Main article: Buildings (competitive)
Building Stats Functions Special
Sentry Gun
RED Level 3 Sentry Gun.png
Build Time: 10s
Metal Cost: 130
Scrap Return: 60
Fires bullets at 4|8|8 per second for 16 damage each (Mini-Crit 22).
Rocket packs fire once per 5 sec for ~100 damage (Mini-Crit ~135).
Holds 100|120|145 bullets and 0|0|20 rocket packs.
Can Mini-Crit if target is Jarate'd or Engineer is Banner Buffed.
Can hit its owner if he gets in line of fire.
Combat Mini-Sentry
Red Mini Sentry.png
Build Time: 2.5s
Metal Cost: 100
Scrap Return: 28
Fires bullets at 4 per second for 8 damage each (Mini-Crit 11). Can Mini-Crit if target is Jarate'd or Engineer is Banner Buffed.
Can hit its owner if he gets in line of fire.
Cannot be repaired or upgraded, but can be reloaded.
Build Time: 20s
Metal Cost: 100
Scrap Return: 50
Heals for 10|15|20 health per second.
Dispenses 20|30|40 ammo per second.
Stocks 40|50|60 Metal every 5s, holding up to 400 Metal.
Dispenses to disguised enemy Spies (even cloaked ones).
Build Time: 20s
Metal Cost: 125
Scrap Return: 60
Provides one teleport every 10|5|3 seconds. Can be upgraded from either side, but destroying either side resets level to 1.
Sappers are placed and applied to both simultaneously.
Can be taken by enemy Spies (which can telefrag).

Damages and times are approximate and determined by community testing.


The dynamic gameplay of competitive Team Fortress 2 on 5-CP maps makes the Engineer, with his need for time to set up his buildings and slow move speed less than useful. On the flip side of things, Engineers' usefulness increases dramatically on Attack/Defend maps such as Gravel Pit, due to his Sentry Gun's ability to counter the opposing team's Scouts. Because the enemy team's two Soldiers and single Demoman are very capable of destroying an Engineer's buildings, Sentry Guns are usually considered temporary measures to stall an enemy team. Using a Sentry Gun to aid a defense is very useful for buying time, which is essential for defenders on maps played in the Stopwatch format.

Common Tactics

When building their Sentry Guns, Engineers must keep in mind the fact that they are mainly building it to ward off jumping Soldiers or Demomen and to take the brunt of the enemy Ubercharge. An aware Soldier or Demoman will have little trouble destroying buildings. Sentry Guns should be placed in a location relatively safe from pipes and rockets spammed from afar, but useful against any enemies who try to flank or try to capture the point.

Engineers need to keep a look out for Spies who can easily destroy their buildings. The Teleporter is an important building, it negates part of the defending teams longer respawn time by allowing them to quickly get to the point and defend it, without it, each loss that the defending team takes is harder to replace and weakens their grip on the point.

The Dispenser is also important, not only does it allow players to quickly and easily replenish used ammo, the Medic can also hide within the Dispenser if a Scout attacks. Though this might not get rid of the damage completely, it will reduce it and give the Medic's team mates longer to kill the intruder.

Standard Control Point Push Strategies

When Engineers are used in Control Point matches, they are usually used to defend the final point within the teams' base, preventing back-capping by Scouts, as well as stalling the enemy Soldiers and Demoman. The main idea behind using a Sentry Gun is that the enemy team will have to focus on killing it before they can attack anything else, this can give the Medic time to build up an Ubercharge and push forward.

An aware enemy Demoman, however, will easily dispatch the Engineer's Sentry Gun with relative ease using either the Grenade Launcher or Stickybomb Launcher. Outside of the last point, Engineers rarely see play, due to his Buildings' slow haul speed and the need to keep up with the rest of the team.

Attack/Defend Strategies

One of the most significant uses of the Engineer in competitive play is on Attack/Defend maps. Setup time allows the Engineer to build his base up without being harassed by the enemy team. This makes starting off the map with one Engineer a popular choice for defending teams. Because competitive Attack/Defend maps are played with the Stopwatch format, Engineers will want their Sentry Guns to stall the enemy team for as long as possible. While it is important to actively participate in the defense of control points, a level 3 Sentry Gun is not as disposable as it is in other game-types, due to its effectiveness against enemy Scouts. Thus, it is important to keep a Sentry up for as long as possible, providing a safe zone where teammates need not fear attack from enemy Scouts.

Capture the Flag Strategies

In a Capture-the-flag game, Scouts are valuable, as they are able to pick up the intelligence and run off unharmed. They are fast and agile enough to avoid prolonged combat with their enemies, and for this reason, a team will generally need to be able to counter any attack on the Intelligence by Scouts. The Engineer is thus used at the beginning of most Capture-the-flag games, and sent to their teams' Intelligence room to build. The large distance between the Intelligence room and the enemy's spawn room gives the Engineer time to set up a base and stall an enemy attack on the intelligence with a level 3 Sentry Gun. The Sentry is effective against incoming Scouts, and, with enough support, can become the cornerstone of a successful defense of the Intelligence room.

6 vs 6 strategies

When playing Engineer in 6 vs 6 play it is best to play when contesting your team's last point. In this format, it is common that a Scout switches to a class that is good at defending points such as the Engineer. A good strategy to do is use the Gunslinger for a quick building, disposable Sentry. When using a level 3 Sentry Gun, it is best to hide it in a position out of your enemies' line of sight.

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