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ESEA is a E-Sports League that hosts tournaments for TF2, Counter-Strike, and League of Legends.


ESEA offers the highest level of 6s TF2 currently available, but it does not support Highlander.


ESEA is divided into four divisions: Open, Intermediate, Main, and Invite. Invite is the highest level of 6s TF2, and the top 4 teams of each season have their play offs at a LAN. ESEA is a payed league, that requires a League Fee, as well as a subscription to ESEA Premium. For players entering ESEA Open and IM, the League fee is $7.99, and it is higher for Main and Invite players. Premium is a subscription service that costs $6.95 a month, that offers access to the ESEA client, as well as the ability to use ESEA's Pick-up Game Service.


Class Banlist
Scout Soda Popper, Bonk! Atomic Punch, Crit-a-Cola, Mad Milk, Pretty Boy's Pocket Pistol, The Flying Guillotine, The Sandman, The Atomizer, The Wrap Assassin
Soldier Liberty Launcher, Cow Mangler 5000, Beggar's Bazooka, Battalion's Backup, Concheror, Disciplinary Action
Pyro Phlogistinator, Rainblower, Lollichop
Demoman Loch-n-Load, Ali Baba's Wee Booties, Ullapool Caber, Persian Persuader
Heavy Natascha, Brass Beast, Tomislav, Huo Long Heater, Sandvich, Buffalo Steak Sandvich, Family Business, Gloves of Running Urgently, Fists of Steel, The Holiday Punch
Engineer Frontier Justice, Widowmaker, Pomson 6000, Wrangler, Short Circuit, Gunslinger, Eureka Effect
Medic The Vita-Saw, The Solemn Vow
Sniper Sydney Sleeper, Machina, Hitman's Heatmaker, Jarate, Cleaner's Carbine, Shahanshah, Darwin's Danger Shield, Cozy Camper,
Spy The Enforcer, Spy-cicle
Multi-Class The Reserve Shooter, Pyrovision Goggles, Infernal Orchestrina, Burning Bongos

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