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European Team Fortress 2 League
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The European Team Fortress 2 League, commonly abbreviated as ETF2L, is an organization dedicated to promoting TF2 events across Europe. Unlike many of the other leagues, ETF2L is dedicated solely to TF2, and is one of the three professional bodies Valve co-operates with, handing out various medals to participants. Hardware supplier SteelSeries was providing prizes for seven seasons, since January 2012 the league is sponsored by Tt eSPORTS. The league is currently sponsored by Hypernia and Gamers United, who provide several hosting, game- and voice servers to be used by the league and their players. ETF2L currently has gameservers in Frankfurt (Germany), London (United Kingdom) and New York (United States). Teams can make a reservation on any of those servers via their ETF2L team page.

ETF2L provides a news portal focusing on TF2 news and events across Europe, and a forum for players to discuss league changes, maps, movies and upcoming events. The main forum caters for English speaking users, and subsections are provided for Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Russian, and Scandinavian users. There is also a Training & Tactics Forum for players to discuss various tactics and share videos to help other players. Videos can include anything from frag videos to jump movies to cinematic productions.

Players and teams registered with ETF2L are able to recruit in the forum to join a new team or fill any gaps in a roster.

As well as having standard 6v6 and Highlander (9v9) leagues and tournaments, ETF2L used to host Ladders for both gamemodes up until October 2012.


ETF2L provides several leagues, primarily Highlander and 6v6, as well as cups covering various match styles and experimenting with different weapon unlocks and settings.

6 vs. 6

The 6v6 season is one of the 2 formats that ETF2L hosts full seasons for. Each season teams are seeded into a premiership division and six lower divisions. Every team of one Division will meet each other once during the Season and play a Two-Map-Game. The top 3 teams of the premiership division are playing a playoff stage to determine the overall winner after the group stage.


A team will get 3 points for every won map, 2 points for winning a golden cap after a drawn map, 1 point for losing such a golden cap, and 0 points for a lost map.


Up to Season 14, ETF2L 6v6 item restrictions are very strict in comparison to other major leagues, banning most unlocks except reskins, the Medic's original unlocks and the Crusader's Crossbow. As of Season 14, the whitelist was updated so as to allow the use of the following weapons: Overdose, Gunboats, The Boston Basher, Pain Train and Escape Plan. ETF2L is currently planning on unlocking more weapons, as to see in the Experimental One Night Cups and Season 16.

Previous Season Winners

Season Winners
Season 1 4Kings1
Season 2 4Kings1
Season 3 Ubersexuals
Season 4 4Kings1
Season 5 Team Dignitas1
Season 6 Team Dignitas1
Season 7 I don't know?2
All Fucking Summer (AFS) TCM-Gaming
Season 8 Epsilon eSports2
Season 9 Team Thermaltake
Season 10 Epsilon eSports2
Season 11 Infused.Tt
Season 12 Epsilon eSports2
Season 13 Epsilon eSports2
Season 14 Epsilon eSports2
Season 15 Epsilon eSports2
Season 16 Epsilon eSports2
  1. 4Kings were renamed to Team Dignitas upon being invited to the Dignitas organisation.
  2. Similarly, I don't know? were later renamed to Epsilon eSports.


Main article: ETF2L Highlander Community Challenge

The ETF2L Highlander Community Challenge (HCC) is arguably the most well known 9v9 competition, with over 800 teams participating from all over the world. After the tournament, ETF2L started a 9v9 league with over 300 sign-ups in its first season. Because of this, each division except division 1 and the premier division have been named in an alphanumerical fashion, the last division being named 6T.


ETF2L Highlander rules permit most weapons except those that are recent in circulation and certain weapons that are considered overpowered or bugged, based on community feedback.

Previous Season Winners

Season Winners
Season 1 SNSD
Season 2 SNSD
Season 3 SNSD
Season 5 Kill Switch

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