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This is a list of default keys for the PC version of Team Fortress 2. All keys are user-definable in the game Options, via the Developer console, or by scripting.


Action Key/Button Command Remarks
Move forward W +forward
Move back S +back
Move left (Strafe) A +moveleft
Move right (Strafe) D +moveright
Strafe Alt +strafe Causes the player's movement to be locked to left and right movement; you can't go forwards or backwards.
Jump Space +jump
Duck Ctrl +duck
Swim up ' +moveup Rarely used when mouselook is enabled
Swim down / +movedown
Look up Page Up +lookup
Look down Page Down +lookdown
Center view End centerview


Action Key/Button Command Remarks
Use voice communication V +voicerecord Speak to players only on your team, provided the server's CVAR sv_alltalk is set to 0. If set to 1, all players on the server will receive your voice chat.
Chat message Y say Text chat to all players on the server, including Spectators
Team message U say_team Text chat to players only on your team
Voice menu 1 Z voice_menu_1
Voice menu 2 X voice_menu_2
Voice menu 3 C voice_menu_3
Call for a Medic E voicemenu 0 0


Action Key/Button Command Remarks
Change class , changeclass
Change team . changeteam
Open Character loadout M open_charinfo_direct
Open Backpack N open_charinfo_backpack
Drop the Intelligence L dropitem
Taunts G taunt
Use item in Action slot H +use_action_slot_item
Show map information I showmapinfo
Inspect target F inspect

Class-specific skills

Action Key/Button Command Remarks
SCOUT: Launch the baseball or the ornament MOUSE2 +attack2
SOLDIER: Fire the charged shot of the Cow Mangler 5000 MOUSE2 +attack2
PYRO: Uses Airblast MOUSE2 +attack2 Alternatively, activates 'Mmmph' if the Phlogistinator is equipped.
DEMOMAN: Detonate stickybombs MOUSE2 +attack2 Alternatively, charges if a shield is equipped.
HEAVY: Spin Minigun barrel MOUSE2 +attack2 Alternatively, drops a Sandvich or Buffalo Steak Sandvich, or attacks with right fist.
ENGINEER: Carry/Rotate buildings MOUSE2 +attack2
MEDIC: Deploy ÜberCharge MOUSE2 +attack2
SNIPER: Zoom Sniper Rifle MOUSE2 +attack2 Alternatively, retracts the Huntsman if aiming.
SPY: Cloak/Uncloak MOUSE2 +attack2 Alternatively, deploys/undeploys Dead Ringer.
SPY: Last disguise B lastdisguise If already disguised, changes your disguise weapon to whatever slot corresponds to the Spy's active weapon.
SPY: Toggle disguise team - disguiseteam Available only while holding a Disguise Kit.

* Note: On a right-handed mouse, MOUSE1 is the left mouse button and MOUSE2 is the right mouse button.

* Note: The default key for MOUSE2 on a Mac with a one-button mouse is Tab ⇆.


Action Key/Button Command Remarks
Primary attack MOUSE1 +attack
Secondary Attack MOUSE2 +attack2 Also used with Class-specific skills.
Reload weapon R +reload Also switches resistances for the Vaccinator, or opens the teleport menu with the Eureka Effect.
Special Attack Mouse3 +attack3 Used for resistance switching for the Vaccinator, and deploys the Medic's projectile shield in MVM.
Previous weapon MWHEELUP invprev
Next weapon MWHEELDOWN invnext
Last weapon used Q lastinv Spy: Cancel Spy Disguise Kit
Engineer: Cancel building.
Weapon category 1 1 slot1 Primary weapon (Except for Spy, where it is the secondary weapon)
Weapon category 2 2 slot2 Secondary weapon (Except for Spy, where it is the building, i.e. Sapper)
Weapon category 3 3 slot3 Melee weapon
Weapon category 4 4 slot4 Used by the Engineer to create Buildings, and by the Spy for disguising.
Weapon category 5 5 slot5 Used by the Engineer to destroy Buildings.
Weapon category 6 6 slot6 Selects the Grappling Hook in Mannpower Mode (or if the server allows Grapples)
Weapon category 7 7 slot7 No current use
Weapon category 8 8 slot8
Weapon category 9 9 slot9
Weapon category 10 0 slot10


Action Key/Button Command Remarks
Spray logo T impulse 201
Display multiplayer scores Tab ⇆ +showscores
F1 +showroundinfo This command does not currently exist within the game.
Accept redirect to another server F3 askconnect_accept Used to accept a server's request to connect you to a different server.
Take screenshot F5 screenshot
Save a replay of your current or last life F6 save_replay
Open an abuse report F7 abuse_report_queue This command is rebound every time the game starts.
Quit game F10 quit prompt
Toggle replay tips F12 replay_togglereplaytips May conflict with the default key for taking Steam screenshots.
Toggle Developer console ` toggleconsole
View/Accept the topmost alert J cl_trigger_first_notification e.g. trading requests

* Note: The default key for "Display multiplayer scores" on a Mac with a one-button mouse is ].


  • K is currently not bound, although it used to be bound to cl_decline_first_notification
  • E is bound twice, first to dropitem, which L is also bound to.
  • F1 is bound to a non-existent setting.

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