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This is a fictional list of posters and signs found throughout the Team Fortress 2 universe.

Image Title Description Team Tendency
This Job.jpg Accident This Job Has Worked 0 Days Without An Accident
Area prone to leaks.png Area Prone to Leaks
Australium Poster.png Australium! Run For Australium!
Update invasion poster002.png Be aware Be aware UFOS in this area
Calendar R.jpg RED Calendar
June 1968
RED team Calendar RED
Calendar B.jpg BLU Calendar
June 1968
BLU team Calendar BLU
Caution Do Not Enter.jpg Caution Caution Do Not Enter
Caution No Trespassing.jpg Caution No Trespassing
Slippery.png Caution Slippery When Wet
Conserve Energy.jpg Conserve Energy
Danger Do Not Enter.jpg Danger Do Not Enter
Danger Explosives.jpg Danger Explosives
Danger Hazardous.jpg Danger Hazardous
Hazardous Env.jpg Danger Hazardous Environments
Hiddenchute sign.png Danger Hidden Chute
Danger High Voltage.jpg Danger High Voltage Keep Out
Danger Keep Out.jpg Danger Keep Out
Doorway clear.jpg Doorway Keep This Doorway Clear
Feed Birds.jpg Feed Birds Do Not Feed The Birds!
Gator.png Feed Gator Do Not Feed The Gator
Extinguisher.jpg Fire Extinguisher
Give Way.jpg Give Way!
Pass goal arrow.png Goal Arrow A PASS TIME arrow, usually pointed towards the Goal.
Gold Strength.jpg Gold is Strength!
Gold sign 01.png Gold, it's Good!
Grain.jpg Grain 100% Grain Quality BLU
Hardhat.jpg Hardhat Be Safe Wear Your Hardhat
Industry.jpg Industry is Victory! BLU
Inspection.jpg Inspection History
Update invasion poster001.png I want to believe
Keep Out.jpg Keep Out
Loading Dock.jpg Loading Dock
Lost continent.jpg Lost Continent Visit The Lost Continents
Milk.jpg Milk 100% Milk Fresh RED
Mount Knife.jpg Mount Knifeback Experience! Mount Knifeback
No Smoking.png No Smoking Please No Smoking
No Wake.png No Wake
Dumping.jpg Notice No Dumping Allowed BLU
Keep Clear.jpg Notice Notice Keep Area Clear At All Times BLU
Private property.png Private Property Private Property Keep Out
Public Notice.jpg Public Notice
Jenkins Mine Closed.jpg Public Notice Jenkins Mine Closed
Radioactive.jpg Radioactive Caution Radioactive Material
Restricted Area.jpg Restricted Area Authorized Personnel Only
Safety Starts.jpg Safety Starts With You!
Shipping Receiving.jpg Shipping & Receiving RED
Shipping Receiving B.jpg Shipping & Receiving BLU
Speed Limit 15.jpg Speed Limit 15
Swift.jpg Swift Water
Target Practice.jpg Target
Tour Sign.png Tour Schedule Freeman Airboat Tours
Trespasser Viol.jpg Trespassing Trespassers Will be Violated
No Trespassing.png Trespassing Violators will be shot. Survivors will be incapacitated.
TrespassingB.jpg Trespassing No Trespassing BLU
Construction.png Under Construction
Construction2.png Under Construction (translation)
Dead End Poster.jpg Warning Dead End
Men Working.jpg Warning Men Working
Warning Hazard Area.jpg Warning Hazard Area
Toxic.jpg Warning Toxic Chemicals
ToxicR.jpg Warning Toxic Chemicals RED
ToxicB.jpg Warning Toxic Chemicals BLU
Warning Unsafe.jpg Warning Unsafe
Water.jpg Warning Water Unfit for Drinking
Declared by Ordinance Code 19 Part 68
Watch Your Step.jpg Watch Your Step
Watch your Step.png Watch Your Step
World Map R.jpg World Map RED
World Map B.jpg World Map BLU


The I want to believe poster is a reference to X-FILES' poster with the same name.

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