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!البونك to Alien Swarm Parasite
Alien Swarm Parasite/ar to April 29, 2010 Patch/zh-hant
April 29, 2011 Patch (Beta) to Australium/zh-hant
Australium Ambassador to Bar/ko
Bar/no to Beta Quick-Fix/ru
Beta Sniper Club to Blutsaugher
Blutslauger to Boxing gloves (disambiguation)/ru
Boxing gloves (disambiguation)/zh-hant to Bushwacka/ja
Bushwacka/ko to Catcher's mitt/fr
Catcher's mitt/ja to Clinical Trial/tr
Clinical Trial/zh-hant to Community Well (Arena) strategy/fr
Community Well (Arena) strategy/pl to Cow/no
Cow/pl to Customize items/ja
Customize items/ko to December 20, 2012 Patch
December 20, 2012 Patch/de to Deus Ex: Human Revolution/fi
Deus Ex: Human Revolution/fr to Dr. Grordbort's Brainiac Pack/fr
Dr. Grordbort's Brainiac Pack/hu to Ellis' hat
Ellis's Cap to Fabrikálás
Faca na Caveira to Federal Casemaker/pt
Federal Casemaker/pt-br to Flip-Flops/ko
Flip-Flops/nl to Gaiter Guards/ru
Gaiter Guards/tr to Gold Botkiller Minigun Mk.II/ko
Gold Botkiller Minigun Mk.II/pl to Grub Grenades
Grub Grenades/de to Hat/nl
Hat/no to Heavy taunts/pl
Heavy taunts/pt-br to Horseless Horsemanns head
Horseless Horsemanns head taker to Item levels/fr
Item levels/it to July 19, 2010 Patch/ru
July 19, 2010 Patch/tr to Kill icon/fi
Kill icon/fr to Law
Law/de to List of paintable items (All class)/pl
List of paintable items (All class)/pt-br to Machina/ro
Machina/ru to Mann vs. Machine (update)/fr
Mann vs. Machine (update)/hu to March 29, 2013 Patch (Classic)/pt-br
March 29, 2013 Patch (Classic)/ru to Medic/ko
Medic/nl to Milk/ko
Milk/pl to Mästerkockens Mössa
Mécanique to Non-purchasable items/zh-hant
Non player character to October 18, 2010 Patch/ru
October 18, 2010 Patch/zh-hant to P.D.Q./de
P.D.Q./es to Pile of gifts
Pile of hat to Postal Pummeler/sv
Postal Pummeler/tr to Push (Classic)/es
Push (Classic)/fr to Random Item drops
Random Item level to Rift code
Rift hat claim code to Salvaged Mann Co. Supply Crate/es
Salvaged Mann Co. Supply Crate/fi to Scout/ja
Scout/ko to September 21, 2011 Patch (Beta)/zh-hant
September 21, 2012 Patch to Single-Barrel Shotgun (Classic)/pt-br
Single-Barrel Shotgun (Classic)/ru to Soldier's Stogie/pt
Soldier's Stogie/pt-br to Spionul
Spiral-Schaller to Sticky/pt-br
Sticky/ru to Strange Part Medics Killed That Have Full ÜberCharge/fi
Strange Part Medics Killed That Have Full ÜberCharge/fr to Suurmurha
Sułtański Turban Ceremonialny to Team Fortress Wiki/es
Team Fortress Wiki/fi to The Curse-a-Nature/it
The Curse-a-Nature/ko to The Sandvich/es
The Sandvich/fi to Titanium Tyrolean/fi
Titanium Tyrolean/fr to Tribalman's Shiv/ru
Tribalman's Shiv/sv to Unusual Circling Heart Effect
Unusual Circling Heart Effect Effect to Voodoo-Cursed Heavy Soul/nl
Voodoo-Cursed Heavy Soul/pl to What's in the Portal Soundtrack Box
What's in the Portal Soundtrack Box? to Întâlneşte Echipa
Óculos Neurais to Насмешки поджигателя
Насмешки подрывника to Шлепанцы
Шлепки to هات أوف أندينايبل ويلث اند ريسبيكت
هادوكين to 희귀