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Website Info
Author: "Diego"

SteamRep is a non-profit site that partners with community administrators to improve the safety of game-related trading. The site was created by Ðiego and, through the help of trusted volunteers and community admins, it has grown into the most popular scam prevention tool for Steam trading. SteamRep gathers scammer reports from a number of high-profile trade communities, as well as hosting its own forums to allow for reporting. It also offers a plugin for trade servers that will automatically ban marked scammers as well as a beta web API. The plugin and API were written by Jameless.

Community Involvement

In addition to supporting numerous Team Fortress 2 trade sites and servers, SteamRep has branched out into supporting other aspects of the community as well. SteamRep is a sponsor of the UGC League and sponsored the Fall 2012 season unusual hat raffle.

In February 2013, SteamRep partnered with other communities and trading sites for the DotA 2 Charity Invitational: Heroes Helping Heroes.[1] The charity event raised £2,319.14 for the Make-A-Wish Foundation.[2]

Associate Communities

SteamRep supports Valve tags in addition to community tags. Users who are trade banned or on trade probation are also marked as such in their SteamRep profile. The following communities are partners with SteamRep and have their own tags on the site:

Affiliated Communities

The following communities and/or trade servers are associated with SteamRep:

SteamRep Tags

The following tags are used on SteamRep:

  • BANNED BY VALVE - Similar to a scammer tag, this person has been trade banned by Valve.
  • VALVE PROBATION - Similar to a caution, this person is on trade probation by Valve.
  • VALVE EMPLOYEE - Valve employee
  • SR DONATOR - Traders that support the cause by donating cash or items to SR
  • ADMIN - Admin belonging to the respective communities.
  • MIDDLEMAN - Proved to the community that they can be trusted to middleman trades.
  • CAUTION - Shady and/or questionable trading activity, or other offenses deemed unacceptable.
  • SCAMMER - A person with this tag was found to be guilty of one or many of the following:
    • Trading with known scammers (See the SteamRep FAQ for more info)
    • Charge-back or Reversal
    • Quick-switching items
    • Receiving the item and not paying
    • Providing or soliciting fake reputation claims ("fake rep")
    • Using a fake middleman
    • Impersonating and acting as an imposter
    • "Spycrabbing" and then not paying
    • Accomplice to a scammer
    • Brokering (selling on behalf of) scammers and scammed items
    • Deceptive and/or underhanded activities which run afoul of Valve's TOS.

Banned by Valve and Valve Probation tags are applied automatically when a trade ban/probation is applied. Unlike other tags, Valve controls these tags entirely.

Site Layout

SteamRep's central focus is a search box where a user can search for a user by SteamID 32, SteamID 64, custom URL, or Paypal email. Above the search box are tabs where a user can access various lists and tools. Below the box are buttons to report scammers or repeal a scammer tag. The home site also features a real-time listing of latest viewed profiles and latest marked scammers, as well as a listing of communities which support SteamRep. Statistics regarding the site are listed as well as a button to make a donation.


The Middleman page lists trusted middlemen and links to their SteamRep profiles. A middleman is a user who impartially moderates a trade, often for trades which fall outside regular Steam trading. Trusted middlemen have an extensive reputation within the TF2 trading community, also known as rep or reputation.


The Admin pages lists administrators of not only SteamRep itself but the communities which support SteamRep. Many SteamRep admins also serve as admins for supported sites as well.


This lists users who have donated to the site. Donators do not get any additional privileges on the site, nor do they get anything other than a small blue tag on the SteamRep profile. In the interest of full disclosure and transparency, SteamRep continues to display the SR Donator tag even if the user is marked with a negative reputation tag. The negative reputation tag overrides all other tags on both the server & web-based APIs.


These are the forums where a user can post general questions, read trading guides, report scammers, appeal a scam report, and request an API for the server plugin. While a scam may be reported regardless of where a scam originated, a person who is marked a scammer by a specific supported community (with the exception of SourceOp) must appeal the scammer tag there first before appealing the tag on SteamRep. SteamRep appeals only handle tags applied by SteamRep or SourceOp.


This provides information about the SteamRep plugin for TF2 servers. It explains what is needed to utilize it as well as commands, installation, and instructions.


This explains what the SteamRep API supports. SteamRep offers both a plug-in for TF2 servers as well as a web API for websites.


The FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) explores commonly asked questions about the site. Information about reporting scammers, appealing scammer reports, and explanations of the terms and tags used are included within the FAQ. There is also an extended FAQ which gives general advice and information on not only SteamRep but Steam community trading.


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