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TF2 Outpost
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Author: Sneeza
We must collect money.
The Heavy

TF2 Outpost is a community-created website made for the sole purpose of trading. Like most other trading websites, TF2 Outpost allows users to create trade proposals, which other users can comment on later, add them as a friend for the purpose of trading with them, or sending them a trade offer through Steam Trade Offers.

Site functions

The main page of TF2 Outpost displays the most recently proposed trades. Users are able to propose their own trades by selecting items from their inventory, and then selecting items that they wish to receive in return from a list of items currently available in the game. Users are able to then customize their trade with a message, detailing specific notes about their trade, such as item quirks, bonuses or specific requests. Once posted, other users may view and comment on the trade proposal from the main page. Offers and other responses can be ignored by the trade creator, or responded to directly.

As is the policy with most trading websites, trades consisting of in-items for Steam games must be performed via Steam Trading. Trades consisting of in-game items for real-world currency are permitted, but are to be performed at the users own risk.

TF2 Outpost features a search engine, allowing users to search for specific trade requests and website users.

TF2 Outpost is controlled by a team of moderators, who regularly enforce and update the websites guidelines and mandates, which can be read here.

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