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TF2 Raffle House
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TF2 Raffle House (TF2R) is a trading/give-away site for items in Team Fortress 2. Instead of trading items for other items, TF2R allows the player to setup a "draw a ticket"-like raffle where other players can enter to win.

The site is currently developed by three users, Reag~ ❤ (design), Miz (code) and Darkimmortal (code and webmaster).


TF2 Raffle House is designed to provide an interface for item raffles, enabling users to host and participate in raffles or 'giveaways'. Users can enter a raffle for a particular item or items, and at the end of the entrance time or when all entrance slots are filled, the winning user is picked randomly. The owner of the raffle must then deliver the item to the winner via Steam Trading or trading via Team Fortress 2 directly.

The owner of the raffle can also choose to define how the raffle is to be hosted, and can select the raffle to be made public on the site or kept private and only accessible via invite links. Additionally, timeframes for the raffle and number of entrants ('slots') can also be controlled by the owner.

All raffles must have no entry cost, so the user is essentially 'giving away' their items.

Rep System

TF2 Raffle House also utilizes a 'rep' system. Each user has two types of rep: positive and negative. Any logged-in user has the option to either add one to the other user's positive rep, take one away from positive rep, add one to negative rep, or take one away from negative rep. Upon adding or subtracting rep of either sort, the user can then change their mind and undo the addition or subtraction, which allows the rep-editing user to choose a different option.

This system is used to determine whether rafflers are trustworthy. Users who reach positive rep milestones can choose from a variety of rewards, such as colored usernames or the ability to upload pictures to their raffles' background. Any user with excessive negative rep or confirmed alt accounts is instantly banned from the site. Once banned, they can appeal to the site admins.


Each user also has a specific profile, showing:

  • Their Steam username
  • Their profile picture
  • Their amounts of positive and negative rep
  • Comments left by other users
  • A meter showing how much of the user's rep is positive.

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