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Team Fortress 2 Lobby
Website Info
Ever feel lost in the crowd playing in a public server? Like your actions can’t affect the push and shove of the battle? Smaller battles of 6 players a team offer the opportunity to more greatly impact your team’s success, and therefore put greater pressure on a team to act cohesively! This system is designed to allow players to easily arrange these matches without the hassle of traditional methods.

Team Fortress 2 Lobby, more commonly known as TF2Lobby, is a competitive matchmaking site that allows users to quickly organize pickup games. The website can support both 6v6 and Highlander games, and includes some options varying the class limits (6v6 only), communication (gravetalk, etc.), and the use of crits and fixed weapon spreads. As of November 2013 the website and servers have stopped functioning.


FLOOR_MASTER designed and developed the implementation of the system in its entirety, and continues to maintain and improve it. Mangy Carface designed the configuration options, provided a collection of map thumbnails, helped with many interface design issues, and coordinated external testing efforts. Flame recognized the need for a system like this and created the original mockups of how the lobby interface looks. Nineaxis converted the concept work into an initial web page and helped tame various CSS issues.

Previously, a server pool was provided by Valve, however now users have to specify their own servers with an IP and match RCON password for said server.


  • TF2Lobby has some advantages over the conventional method of finding and organizing pickup games, namely that it is much quicker for new users to get into. It also only requires an internet browser and an up-to-date version of Adobe Flash Player, which many users already have, in order to view the site.
  • TF2Lobby uses Steam's OpenID API which lets the site identify you within the Steam Community and retrieve your public gameplay information (such as stats and achievements).
  • TF2Lobby has a reputation system to count how many matches a player has done and how many matches they left early, showing a player's reliability percentage next to their name whilst waiting in a lobby.
  • TF2Lobby has a substitution feature; should a player drop out of a game, for whatever reason, a substitute can be called to replace them. The flaw to this system is that the Sub Alert does not have the specified mode you will be entering, so you can either be put in a 6v6 or Highlander with no warning.


  • Users can leave at the very last second, meaning there aren't enough people to play, and with no way to retrieve a substitute.