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Documentation for Availability

Module:Availability (aka Template:Availability) is used to display and autotranslate the 'Availability' section in {{Item infobox}}. Preferably, the shortcut {{avail}} should be used.

For future reference, if creating new additions, the key cannot include a number, or it will be parsed out. Thus, if you want to add a string like xmas2015, instead add it to the Multipart strings with xmas and use num to represent the 2015.


Parameter Output
audition-reel Audition Reel
bread-box Bread Box (Unique and Strange)
chemistryset Chemistry Set
collectors Chemistry Set (Collector's)
contract Contract (Decorated)
craft Craft
creepy-crate Unlocked Creepy Crate
directors Director's Cut
drop Drop
gift-cauldron Halloween Gift Cauldron
halloween-purchase Purchase
hauntedgift Haunted Halloween Gift
keyless-crate Unlocked Cosmetic Crate (Unique and Strange)
mvm As Mann vs. Machine reward
promotional Promotional
purchase Purchase
retired Retired
stock Stock
stockpile Stockpile Crate
strangifier Strangifier (Strange)
unavailable Unavailable
unlock Unlock
unusual Uncrate (Unusual)
xmas2015 Smissmas 2015 Festive Gift
winter2016 Uncrate #105
winter2016-strange Unlocked Winter 2016 Cosmetic Case (Unique and Strange)
mannup Reward
australium Reward (Australium)
botkiller Reward (Botkiller)
mvm-both-types Reward (Botkiller and Australium)
crate1 Uncrate #1
crate2-strange Uncrate #2 (Strange)
crate3-festive Uncrate #3 (Festive)
crate4-haunted Uncrate #4 (Haunted)
strangifier-series-5 Strangifier?
strangifier-crate-6 Strangifier? (Strange)
unusual-3 Uncrate (Unusual)


Backwards compatibility

{{Availability}} (which used to be {{Dictionary/templatecore}}) used a few parameters which were sloppily implemented. They will still function in this template, but their use will place the page into Outdated Availability Parameters. Their use is documented here, but only to ensure that the module still works with them. Do not use them!

Outdated Parameter Output New Parameter Output
crate-nice Uncrate #36 crate36 Uncrate #36
crate-nice2012 Uncrate #53 crate53 Uncrate #53
crate-nice2013 Uncrate #79 crate79 Uncrate #79
crate-nice2014 Uncrate #89 crate89 Uncrate #89
crate-naughty Uncrate #35 (Festive) crate35-festive Uncrate #35 (Festive)
crate-naughty2012 Uncrate #52 (Festive) crate52-festive Uncrate #52 (Festive)
crate-naughty2013 Uncrate #78 (Festive) crate78-festive Uncrate #78 (Festive)
crate-naughty2014 Uncrate #88 (Festive) crate88-festive Uncrate #88 (Festive)
store Purchase purchase Purchase
achievement Unlock unlock Unlock
strangifier-strange Strangifier (Strange) strangifier Strangifier (Strange)
strongbox Uncrate #81 crate81 Uncrate #81
crate46 Uncrate #46 (Scorched) crate-scorched Uncrate #46 (Scorched)
crate74 Uncrate #74 (Haunted) crate74-haunted Uncrate #74 (Haunted)
winter2016 Uncrate #105 crate105 Uncrate #105
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