Trickster's Turnout Gear

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The Trickster's Turnout Gear is a community-created cosmetic item for the Pyro. It gives the Pyro a buttoned-up jacket with a puffed collar and orange and gray stripes around the sleeves, waist and on the shoulders; resembling jackets worn by firefighters. It also adds stripes to Pyro's boots.

The Trickster's Turnout Gear was contributed to the Steam Workshop, under the name "The Insidious Incinerator".

Update history

October 10, 2013 Patch (Fall Event 2013)

  • The Trickster's Turnout Gear was added to the game.


  • "Turnout Gear" is a term for the protective clothing that firefighters wear.
  • The textures for this item contains a hidden signature from the item creator (Æ) in the top right corner, which cannot be seen in-game.