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United Gaming Clans
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Website Info
URL: http://www.ugcleague.com/

The United Gaming Clans, commonly abbreviated as UGC, is a world-wide free competitive gaming organization, hosting multiple tournaments to areas such as: North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Austrailia/NZ. UGC is one of the three competitive TF2 bodies which Valve co-operate with, as such giving out various medals for tournaments.


UGC hosts three different Team Fortress 2 competitive formats: Highlander, 6vs6 and 4vs4. Each league is divided up by major world areas (e.g. North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Austrailia/NZ). All leagues inherit UGC's parent game-play operations and policies.

6 vs 6

United Gaming Clans hosts 6vs6 leagues three times a year, with two standard seasons (January-April, September-December) and one summer season (June-July).


The UGC 6v6 item blacklist is similar to that of the ESEA item blacklist.

Class Banlist
Scout Soda Popper, Baby Face's Blaster, Bonk! Atomic Punch, Crit-a-Cola, Mad Milk, Pretty Boy's Pocket Pistol, Flying Guillotine, The Sandman, The Atomizer, The Wrap Assassin
Soldier Liberty Launcher, Cow Mangler 5000, Beggar's Bazooka, Battalion's Backup, Concheror, Disciplinary Action
Pyro Phlogistinator, Rainblower, Manmelter, Scorch Shot, Third Degree, Lollichop, Neon Annihilator
Demoman Loch-n-Load, Splendid Screen, Ullapool Caber, Persian Persuader
Heavy Natascha, Brass Beast, Tomislav, Huo Long Heatmaker, Sandvich, Dalokohs Bar, Buffalo Steak Sandvich, Family Business, Gloves of Running Urgently, Warrior's Spirit, Fists of Steel, Eviction Notice, Holiday Punch
Engineer The Pomson 6000, The Wrangler, Short Circuit, The Gunslinger, Eureka Effect
Medic The Vita-Saw, Solemn Vow
Sniper Sydney Sleeper, Machina, Hitman's Heatmaker, Jarate, Cleaner's Carbine, Shahanshah
Spy The Enforcer, Red-Tape Recorder, Spy-cicle
Multi-Class The Reserve Shooter, Pyrovision Goggles, Infernal Orchestrina, Burning Bongos

Previous Season Winners

Season NA Platinum NA Silver NA Steel Red NA Steel Blue NA Iron European South American
Season 1 Deathblade blackscythes
Season 2 teamfortress2fort
Season 3 Team Unrestricted
Season 4 Carnal Gaming
Season 5 Crump's bros are ill Avoided Notoriously Twisted
Season 6 BöNK
Season 7 Get Burnt Son Ess Two
Season 8 YDSC EdgeGamers Organization
Season 9 Octo-Pussy Darth
Season 10 Octo-Pussy The POMs
Season 11 MAX4heads Next Door OH THE HUGE MANATEAM The Show Long and the Neck Turtle team_gg
Season 12 Game of Throws The Fatkids My Pet Alt Upper Level Gaming Assorted Sad Souls Love Me Tenderly Squishers e-Sports
Season 13 Lonely Hearts Bobbys Boobys Epileptic Strobe-light Operators The Agency All Hail based god team_gg Squishers e-Sports


UGC is currently in Season 12 of their Highlander league. UGC runs three Highlander seasons each year: Spring, Summer and Fall. It currently has five different regions catered to for their Highlander league: North America (NA), Europe (EU), Asia, Australia/NZ and South America. There are also different skill-based divisions for the NA and EU leagues, with the latter three leagues not having enough participants as of yet to have more than one division and the EU lacking enough participants to create all five divisions. The NA divisions also have Steel and Iron split into Red and Blu factions due to a lot of player interest in the league. Registration for teams is open and free during the offseason, but team leaders may want to consider purchasing their own dedicated TF2 server as UGC does not provide servers for every team in the league.


UGC runs three Highlander seasons a year. The Spring season usually starts in January, the Summer season in June and the Fall season in September. The Spring and Fall seasons usually run for 12-14 weeks, with 8-10 weeks of regular season and 4 weeks of playoff brackets. The Summer season usually comprises of 8-10 regular season week with no playoffs or Tournament Medals (usually deemed as the "fun" season) and comprising of a more experimental maplist than the standard Spring and Fall seasons. During the regular season, teams are placed versus teams with a similar win:loss and matchpoint score for each week and a rankings table is slowly formed from it. Before playoffs begin, rosters are locked so no more players can be added and brackets are created from the current team rankings in the league. During playoffs, single- or double- elimination knock-out brackets (depending on the region/division) mean that the finals played in the last week determine the top three ranked teams for each division.


In the order of the highest skill division to the lowest*:

Platinum - Top tier. This division is for players considered to be at the top of their Highlander game. This division arguably requires the most time, dedication, coordination, and skill to compete in.

Gold (NA only) - 2nd Tier. Competition is more fierce. This is for players who have the time and dedication to practice 3-4+ scrims a week and strive get into the prestigious Platinum division.

Silver - 3rd Tier. This is for people who can list more than a couple seasons of experience and who are more committed to the upward path towards Gold/Platinum.

Steel - 4th Tier. This is for people with a little competitive experience to people who have at least a couple of seasons under their belt.

Iron - Bottom Tier. Entry-level aimed at players with very little or no prior competitive experience.

*Some lands/world areas may only have one or two tiers. Asia, for example, only has one (1) division for Highlander and 6vs6.

Item Restrictions

UGC Highlander rules permit most weapons, except for new weapons and those that are considered buggy or disruptive to the flow of competitive play. The current ban list as of Season 12 are as follows:

By default, weapons released after a tournament starts or after a whitelist is updated, are not allowed by UGC's tournament config files (until staff review).

Previous Season Winners

Season NA Platinum NA Gold NA Silver EU Platinum EU Silver EU Steel NA Steel NA Iron NA Tin
Season 1 Archaic Brotherhood of Lasting Evil
Season 2 DigitalJedi
Season 3 Classic Mixup Death Marked Soldiers Turbopoop e-Sports Psycho Qillaz Into the Limbo
Season 4 Classic Mixup CommanderX and The Sex Kittens Desolation Angels
Season 5 Gangsta Gang Gaming Proprietary Nine Turbopoop e-Sports Land Before Time Into the Limbo
Season 6 Looking Handsome tangerine Turbopoop e-Sports Sandviches are Forever Classica No Love Lost Fallback bEnt
Season 7 Looking Handsome Exodus Society Simply The Best Kill Switch Hard Ass sRIro
Season 8 The Syndicate Chain Reaction Max-Play Highlander Team Sexy Internet Redheads CrySomeMore The Alliance Tyro Raid
Season 9 Ginyu Force Top Gluttons Nine In A Million Sookie Doin' Work bubz It's Mostly About The Gibus BEST WAIFUS Speisrocket
Season 10 MenaceToSociety Self-Sustaining Mexican Cat Ranch Animal Farm Team Poland Unpoppable Nine Days Turdlords of the fifth dimension 11th Robotic Platoon
Season 11 Street Hoops eSports Aces and the Gamers Scifi Channel Originals Kill Switch [W.A.S.P.] sBoob Team Nothing Personal Pantastic Friends
Season 12

Staff (Active)

This is a list of active admins for the UGC league:

Head Admins

Fornaught - Owner, League Manager, Website Manager

BlazingBoy - 6vs6 and 4vs4 General Manager

snowblindfrog - Highlander General Manager, HL Plat and Gold Division Manager, News Writer & Website Manager

RedRum - League Manager, Promotion Manager

Infinite - Community Fundraising, TF2 Advisor


Firefly - HL NA Silver Manager

Ms. X3na - HL NA Steel Manger

Kumori - HL NA Iron Manager

MB - HL EU Platinum Manager

Reda - HL EU Steel Manager

Quantic - HL South America Manager

Durzo Blint - HL AUS/NZ Manager

Hell Evolved - HL AUS/NZ Manager

Herty - EU 4vs4 Manager, EU 4vs4 Silver Scheduler, 4vs4 news

Non-managerial Staff

Sylon - TF2 Disputes Team Member

Blindsight - TF2 Disputes Team Member

Roman_Anderson - Website & Technology Development, Statistics

radio! - Graphics

Hein - HL Articles & Guides

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  • As of Autumn 2012 UGC Highlander is the world's largest collective competitive TF2 format, encompassing well over 7,000 players on 450 teams on 5 continents.