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Mainman "True Blue" McLaglen
Basic information
Type: Kamen Rider (alias "Sting")
Gender: Male
Health: 100 (Civilian), 250 (Masked Form), 200 (Rider Form)
Speed: Faster than the naked eye during Clock Up
Birth place: Glasgow
Age: 23
Team Fortress 2
Favourite maps: cp_steel
Favourite weapons: Lugermorph, Rider Kick
Contact information
Steam page:

You believe, don't you?
Even if there is no God or Buddha in this world...
...There will always be...
...a Kamen Rider.

Notable Contributions


  • My Sandbox area, for testing new code without messing up existing wiki pages.
  • The Turbo article, which waits silently until the day when it meets the wiki's notability criteria.


Major Improvement of Existing Articles

Post-Update "First"ness

"Well Done for Not Messing Things Up"

Wikichievement Awarded by Date Reason Link
Tf spy insurance fraud.png

It's the Little Things...
Provide a large amount of edits, whose primary goals are to correct grammar, punctuation, etc.

Keisari March 13, 2012 Provide a large amount of edits, whose primary goals are to correct grammar, punctuation, etc. Here
Tf win 2fort noenemycaps.png

Oilin' the Cogs
Participate heavily in the TF Wiki Community.

Ravecrib9t4 September 1, 2012 For doing what you do and what you are good at: Typing advises and proposal things. Here


The Grand Wall O' Userboxes

Dare Ye Gaze Upon It?

TF2 Achievements

Achieved.png This user has earned 414 of the 520 TF2 achievements. That's 80%!
Thats a wrap.png This user has earned 6 of the 8 Replay achievements. That's 75%!
Tf win multiplegames.png This user has earned 23 of the 33 general achievements. That's 70%!
Valve Gift Grab 2011 - Tf2.png This user has earned the Christmas Event achievement!
Tf scout achieve progress1.png This user has earned 38 of the 41 Scout achievements. That's 93%!
Tf soldier achieve progress1.png This user has earned 38 of the 43 Soldier achievements. That's 88%!
Pyro achieve progress1.png This user has earned 38 of the 40 Pyro achievements. That's 95%!
Tf demo achieve progress1.png This user has earned 37 of the 44 Demoman achievements. That's 84%!
HeavyMilestone1.png This user has earned all of the 38 Heavy achievements!
Engineer progress1.jpg This user has earned 37 of the 38 Engineer achievements. That's 97%!
Tf medic achieve progress1.png This user has earned all of the 39 Medic achievements!
Tf sniper achieve progress1.png This user has earned 38 of the 42 Sniper achievements. That's 90%!
Tf spy achieve progress1.png This user has earned 37 of the 38 Spy achievements. That's 97%!
Frags to Riches Achievement Icon.jpg This user has earned 21 of the 49 Mann vs. Machievements. That's 43%!
The Crucible.png This user has earned 10 of the 12 Foundry achievements. That's 83%!
The Fight Stuff.png This user has earned 2 of the 12 Astro-chievements. That's 17%!
Tf stand and deliver.png This user has not earned the Standin achievement.
Tf process of elimination.png This user has not earned the Process achievement.
Tf snakewater salesman.png This user has earned 0 of the 5 Snakewater achievements. That's 0%!
The Power and the Glory.png This user has earned 0 of the 5 Powerhouse achievements. That's 0%!
Tf scared stiff.png This user has earned all of the 5 Scarechievements!
Tf masked mann.jpg This user has earned all of the 4 Ghostchievements!
Tf optical defusion.jpg This user has earned both of the Eye-chievements!
Tf wizards never prosper.jpg This user has earned 0 of the 2 Necromannchievements.
Helltower hell's spells-icon.png This user has earned 0 of the 8 Bereavements. That's 0%!
Carnival of carnage bumper crop.jpg This user has earned 0 of the 7 Merasmachievements. That's 0%!

Item Collection

My Playstyle

General Loadout
Class Primary Secondary Melee Hat Misc. #1 Misc. #2 Reasoning
Item icon Scattergun.png
"Thick McRunfast"
Item icon Lugermorph.png
"Clip Clip Nama Zan"
Item icon Sandman.png
Vintage Sandman
Backpack Flipped Trilby.png
Flipped Trilby
Backpack Planeswalker Goggles.png
Genuine Planeswalker Goggles
Backpack Ball-Kicking Boots.png
Genuine Ball-Kicking Boots
I have a good grip of all the Scout tactics and weapons, apart from the Sandman, which I'm getting as much practice with as possible.
Item icon Rocket Launcher.png
"Blast Hardcheese"
Item icon Buff Banner.png
Vintage Buff Banner
Item icon Disciplinary Action.png
Disciplinary Action
Backpack Magnanimous Monarch.png
Magnanimous Monarch
Backpack Professor Speks.png
Professor Speks
Backpack Gentle Manne's Service Medal.png
Gentle Manne's Service Medal
Mostly mastered. I intend to get more practice with the Direct Hit.
Item icon Flame Thrower.png
"Gristle McThornbody"
Item icon Flare Gun.png
Vintage FLare Gun
Item icon Axtinguisher.png
Vintage Axtinguisher
Backpack Hat of Undeniable Wealth And Respect.png
Hat of Undeniable Wealth And Respect
Backpack Stockbroker's Scarf.png
Vintage Stockbroker's Scarf
Backpack Merc's Pride Scarf.png
Genuine Merc's Pride Scarf
Mostly mastered, but I still can't airblast correctly.
Item icon Grenade Launcher.png
"Roll Fizzlebeef"
Item icon Stickybomb Launcher.png
"Lump Beefbroth"
Item icon Bottle.png
"Buff Drinklots"
Backpack Glengarry Bonnet.png
Vintage Glengarry Bonnet
Backpack Deus Specs.png
Genuine Deus Specs
Backpack Dr. Grordbort's Crest.png
Dr. Grordbort's Crest
Only ever used on easy-to-defend maps, and occasionally to clear out the sentries on point #4 on Dustbowl.
Item icon Minigun.png
"Big McLargehuge"
Item icon Sandvich.png
Item icon Gloves of Running Urgently.png
Backpack War Head.png
Genuine War Head
Backpack Deus Specs.png
Genuine Deus Specs
Backpack Purity Fist.png
Genuine Purity Fist
Mastered. I only resort to using Heavy when my team stands no chance, and when playing on the 'Hampshire Heavies' server (as I wouldn't stand a chance otherwise).
Item icon Shotgun.png
"Touch Rustrod"
Item icon Wrangler.png
Vintage Wrangler
Item icon Southern Hospitality.png
Vintage Southern Hospitality
Backpack Lo-Fi Longwave.png
Lo-Fi Longwave
Backpack Googly Gazer.png
Googly Gazer
Backpack Wingstick.png
Genuine Wingstick
"If you want something done right, then do it yourself". The trap here is that nobody but you knows how to do it right, therefore you end up doing it yourself a lot.
Item icon Syringe Gun.png
"Crud Bonemeal"
Item icon Medi Gun.png
"Bob Johnson"
Item icon Ubersaw.png
Vintage Ubersaw
Backpack Planeswalker Helm.png
Genuine Planeswalker Helm
Backpack Physician's Procedure Mask.png
Physician's Procedure Mask
Backpack Merc Medal.png
Genuine Merc Medal
Kredit. I owe all I know to Volken, the finest Medic player among my friends. Currently the primary Medic on the Wiki's EU Highlander team(s).
Item icon Sniper Rifle.png
"Bolt Vanderhuge"
Item icon Jarate.png
Vintage Jarate
Item icon Tribalman's Shiv.png
Tribalman's Shiv
Backpack Bushman's Boonie.png
Genuine Bushman's Boonie
Backpack Earbuds.png
Backpack ETF2L Highlander Tournament Participant.png
Genuine Participant - ETF2L Highlander Tournament
I STILL can't get the hang of long-distance Sniping, mostly because my lag compensation seems to vary wildly.
Item icon Revolver.png
"Dirk Hardpeck"
Item icon Invisibility Watch.png
"Smoke Manmuscle"
Item icon Knife.png
"Bold Bigflank"
Painted Détective Noir E6E6E6.png
Unusual Détective Noir (Vivid Plasma)
Backpack SpaceChem Pin.png
SpaceChem Pin
Backpack Merc's Pride Scarf.png
Genuine Merc's Pride Scarf
Previously only used to troll bad teams and take out Sentry Gun nests, the attainment of an Unusual hat has pushed me towards spending more time with him. I'm still awful, but still learning.

Performance Report