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Ownage Hamster
Ownage Hamster
Basic information
Icon: Leaderboard class pyro.png
Type: Epic
Health: 175 /Medic emblem RED.png260
I fear no man. But that thing... it scares me.
The Heavy on the Hamster

The Ownage Hamster is a maniac hamster of indeterminate origin who has a fervent fondness for all things butt kicking related. Usually, the hamster appears to be kicking butt. The hamster specializes in fighting enemies at close range using his Axtinguisher. Enemies set on death suffer from afterlife and take additional damage over time, allowing the hamster to excel at hit-and-run tactics. Due to the axtinguisher’s crit chance, the hamster is stronger at closer ranges and relies heavily on ambushing, taking alternate routes to catch opponents off-guard.

Although categorized as an epic class, the hamster brings a few sources of utility to the battlefield. The hamster’s fart, for example, can reflect enemy projectiles, extinguish burning teammates, and forcibly reposition any enemy, even one under the effects of an ÜberCharge.

Because enemies hit by fists are visibly dead, the hamster is the best class for Spy-checking, as even a small puff of knuckle sandwiches can nullify the Spy’s Cloak and disguise. Additionally, the hamster can use the fists to protect an Engineer’s buildings from enemy Spies or use the feet to jump to normally unreachable places.

The hamster wears the Hazmat Headcase, Professor Speks, and the Respectless Rubber Glove. The Professor Speks are slightly slid down his nose.

The Ownage Hamster is voiced by the Ownage Hamster.


Update history

{{Update history | September 20, 2007 Patch

  • You died.


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Whats up yall, im the most ownage hamster on the planet.

Backpack Huntsman.png
"Hammy's Headpinner"
Level 1000 Stick
+100% damage bonus
Crits on hit
Infinite ammo
Fires 200% faster
100% faster move speed on hamsters
On kill: Ubercharges user for 10 minutes
Only usable by hamsters
"If you are reading this you are probably pinned to a wall."

Gift from: Me

( Not in your inventory )

Kill icon for the Hammy's Headpinner: Killicon flaming huntsmanhs.png

Backpack Your Eternal Reward.png
"The ID Theft"
+100% damage bonus
Crits on facestab
Drains all of victims health
Pulls victims towards you
100% faster move speed on hamsters
Steals identity from victim
Only usable by hamsters
"Now wheres the money?!"

Gift from: Me

( Not in your inventory )

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I've had an item idea for TF2 I've cam up with a bit ago.

Backpack Pistol.png
"The Fast Runaway"
Level 10 Pistol
30% damage bonus
Fires 50% faster
-50 max health on wearer
Wearer loses 2 health a second when pulled out. Damage dealt will fill up an "Escape" bar that increases health lost per second, damage dealt, fire rate, and speed. Can do 100% extra damage max, 100% faster fire rate max, 10 health per second max, and 200% faster move speed max.
"Some people may call this treasure. Me, I call this treasure. Good for get aways!"

( Not in the game )