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2fort5 01.png
Basic information
Map type Capture the Flag
File name: 2fort5
Developer(s): Valve

2Fort5 is a Capture the Flag map in Team Fortress. While Team Fortress had no official maps, 2Fort5 was one of the most popular. When Valve hired the developers of Team Fortress, the popularity of the map caused the developers to recreate it for Team Fortress Classic as 2Fort, and eventually for Team Fortress 2 as 2Fort. 2Fort5 is based on the Fortress map for Doom.


  • The objective is to go the other team's base, take the flag in the basement, and bring the flag to your Battlements to score points.
  • There are different versions of the map, but 2Fort5 is the last version.


  • Bridge: The Bridge is at the middle of the map, with water beneath it. It's the main connection between the two bases. At each end of the Bridge, there is a small grassy area with two ramps leading up to two doors. Like in Team Fortress Classic's 2Fort, There is no cover on the Bridge, unlike in Team Fortress 2's 2Fort.
  • Battlements: The Battlements are an area near each of the two spawns for each team. They are raised up so that enemies in the central area can't get too close to them. It serves as a great area for Snipers to shoot from because they can stay there without being hurt by the enemy. It also serves as a place to capture the flag. In Team Fortress Classic's 2Fort, you would also go up to the Battlements to capture the flag, but this was changed in Team Fortress 2's 2Fort.
  • The Caves: In the water under the Bridge, there are two different caves that lead into a spiral staircase, which lead into each base. In Team Fortress 2 this was changed to a sewer, that wasn't underwater and has a different layout, but the same general idea. This is the only other way to cross between bases, other than the Bridge.
  • Basement: The Basement is very low down area in the back of each team's base. There are two ways to get into the Basement, one being an elevator that only their team can take, and the other being a spiral staircase. The elevator was changed to a staircase in Team Fortress 2. At the bottom of the elevator, there is a room off limits to the enemy team, which has ammo and armor. Also in the basement is a flag room, that contains the flag the other team is meant to capture.
  • Flag Room: The Flag Room is a large room that has a flag in it. There are many places in the room to put a Sentry Gun, grenades, and other defenses.

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