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(Horrible grammar. Does not fall into the defintion of an Audio cue as these are short sounds in order to warn or notify players. Should be moved to a separate page for background music.)
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* [[Media:mvm_tank_start.wav|A tank has appeared.]]
* [[Media:mvm_tank_start.wav|A tank has appeared.]]
* [[Media:mvm_tank_end.wav|A tank has been destroyed.]]
* [[Media:mvm_tank_end.wav|A tank has been destroyed.]]
* [[Media:mvm_class_menu_01.wav|The class menu. 1]]
* [[Media:mvm_class_menu_02.wav|The class menu. 2]]
* [[Media:mvm_class_menu_03.wav|The class menu. 3]]
* [[Media:mvm_class_menu_04.wav|The class menu. 4]]
* [[Media:mvm_class_menu_05.wav|The class menu. 5]]
* [[Media:mvm_class_menu_06.wav|The class menu. 6]]
* [[Media:mvm_class_menu_07.wav|The class menu. 7]]
* [[Media:mvm_class_menu_08.wav|The class menu. 8]]
* [[Media:mvm_class_menu_09.wav|The class menu. 9]]
* [[Media:mvm_class_select.wav|The class select.]]
* [[Media:mvm_start_wave.wav|The wave was start.]]
* [[Media:mvm_start_tank_wave.wav|The wave was start tank.]]
* [[Media:mvm_start_mid_wave.wav|The wave was start mid.]]
* [[Media:mvm_start_last_wave.wav|The wave was start last.]]
* [[Media:mvm_end_wave.wav|The wave was end.]]
* [[Media:mvm_end_tank_wave.wav|The wave was end tank.]]
* [[Media:mvm_end_mid_wave.wav|The wave was end mid.]]
* [[Media:mvm_end_last_wave.wav|The wave was end last.]]
* [[Media:mvm_lost_wave.wav|The wave was lost.]]
* [[Media:mvm_lost_wave.wav|The wave was lost.]]

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Audio cues, similar to class responses, are short sounds effects that play to alert a player to a certain event. The cues cover a wide variety of events covering general dominations and revenge to Dueling and Trading. Most audio cues will be accompanied by a small alert window that pops up in the player's HUD or a visual effect of some sort.


Main article: Coaching

These are accompanied by a HUD box with an arrow that points to the specified area, object or player.

Domination / Revenge

Main article: Domination

These sound effects are accompanied by a special line in the kill feed and a class response.

Duelling cues

Main article: Dueling Mini-Game

These sound effects are used when using Dueling Mini-Games and are accompanied by on-screen alerts.

General cues

Mann Vs. Machine

Main article: Mann vs. Machine

Special event

These cues were active during the Scream Fortress update.

These cues were active during the Very Scary Halloween Special update.

These cues were active during the Spectral Halloween Special update.


Main article: Voting

These are accompanied by the voting panel on the HUD

Unused content

Trading cues

These cues were used before trading was handled through the Steam interface.



  • 1 indicates the audio cue is accompanied by a class response.
  • 2 Indicates the audio cue is accompanied by a message in the chatbar
  • 3 indicates the audio cue is accompanied by a alert popup.

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