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'''{{Patch name|11|1|2017}}'''
'''{{Patch name|11|1|2017}}'''
* Fixed server crash related to the ConTracker
* Fixed server crash related to the ConTracker
'''{{Patch name|12|1|2017}}'''
* Players viewing their ConTracker can no longer move or attack.
* Fixed the [[Engineer|Engineer's]] ConTracker animation
* Fixed the [[Medic]], [[Sniper]], and Engineer not un-hiding their [[Weapons|weapons]] at the end of the ConTracker animation
== Gallery ==
== Gallery ==

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This article is about the ConTracker, the Main Menu contract-tracking user interface. For the Action Item that grants access to the premium Jungle Inferno Contracts, see Jungle Inferno ConTracker.
Mercenary park contract example 1.png
ConTracker displaying the starting Mercenary Park contracts for the ‎Jungle Inferno Campaign.

The ConTracker is a Main Menu contract-tracking application that may be started by clicking the ConTracker icon on the Main Menu or by using the premium Jungle Inferno ConTracker Backpack Item to "View Contracts". The HUD may also indicate to the player which key to press to open the ConTracker to activate or turn in Contracts.

When opened, the ConTracker appears as a PDA that lets the player navigate, select, and track available Contracts, including, presently, the premium Mercenary Park Contracts of the Jungle Inferno Campaign (if the player has purchased and used the Jungle Inferno Campaign Pass), free Pyroland Contracts, and the Halloween Contracts of Scream Fortress 2017. Using this tool, players may browse through available Contracts, view completion rewards, select personalized Contract paths, consider both Primary and Bonus Objectives, activate Contracts, and turn in completed Contracts.


When started from either the Main Menu, the HUD, or from the Jungle Inferno ConTracker item in the user's Backpack, the root menu of the ConTracker shows all contract sets that are active at that time.

  • When started for the first time, the ConTracker presents a Welcome screen with a brief information menu and a start button.
  • Premium Contracts require a purchased Campaign Pass to activate; free Contracts do not.
  • Selecting a contract set opens a chart that navigates all Contracts in that set.
ConTracker PDA navigation chart for Pyroland Contracts, here showing a mix of (from upper left to lower right) fully completed, partially completed, unlocked but unactivated, and locked Contracts. The orange ping indicates that "The Gas Passer" is the Activated Contract. The path to Hot Hand is still locked because the Primary Objective of Thermal Thruster has not been completed.

Choosing Contracts
"Mercenary World" is locked, uses 20 Stars, and offers $250 and an Item.

Players use the ConTracker to navigate and chose Contracts to activate.

  • The ConTracker navigation chart shows nodes that offer various Contracts (examples above and right).
    • An orange ping indicates the location of the Activated Contract.
    • Green pings indicate any Contracts that have at least one Objective ready to turn in.
    • Orange nodes are unlocked Contracts; the player has completed all requirements to activate them. Grey nodes are locked Contracts; requirements have not been met.
    • Arrowed paths pointing towards a locked Contract node indicate which other Contracts must have their Primary objective completed and turned in before the Contract node can unlock. Orange arrows are unlocked. Black arrows are locked.
    • Each node gives the title of the Contract and indicates the rewards for that Contract.
    • The offer of specific rewards for each node are indicated by a crate icon for an Item and currency signs for Blood Money ($/$$/$$$ for $100/$150/$250).
    • Each node indicates how many Stars are required to activate the Contract: each Contract consumes zero, one, or more Stars the first time it is activated (Read Contract Turn-in below).
    • Three arcs encircle each Contract node, one arc for each of the Contract's three Objectives, the bottom arc being the Primary Objective. Orange arcs indicate completed Objectives.
  • Clicking on a node opens a Contract for reading, showing the Reward it offers and listing its available Primary and Bonus Objectives, as well as any progress the player has made on those Objectives. Click ‘Activate’ to take on a Contract.
    • A player may have one Contract activated at a time.
    • A player may switch between Contracts without turning them in; for example, switching between offensive and defensive Contracts between rounds of Attack/Defend games (Read Contract Progress below).
    • A player may change the Active Contract at any time; however, if changed during a game round, any progress made made on the abandoned Contract in that round is lost.
  • Activating any Contract that requires use of a specific Item provides the player with a temporary loan of that Item. Until the player finishes or switches out the Contract, this loan will be in the player's Inventory.

Contract Progress
ConTracker HUD showing saved (white) and unsaved (orange) progress on Primary Objective.
ConTracker HUD message that the Contract may be turned in after the current round is finished.

Players may make progress on their Contracts in Casual matches.

  • When a player is in a game, the Contract HUD shows the Active Contract and progress against the Objectives. A progress bar in the HUD indicates progress against the Primary Objective. The white segment is progress that was completed and saved. The grey-orange segment is the progress made so far in the present game round. That grey-orange progress is what the player looses if the game is abandoned. Players must finish a round to save that progress!
  • Progress on the Active Contract can be blocked in certain conditions. Examples
    • Progress is blocked on offense Contracts when the player is on defense and on defense Contracts when the player is on offense.
    • Progress is blocked if the player is not on the map specified by the Active Contract.
    • Progress is blocked if the player is not playing the class or using the weapon specified by the Active Contract.

Contract Turn-in

Players use the ConTracker to turn-in Contracts with completed Objectives.

  • Once a player has completed at least one Objective for a Contract, the player may turn in the Contract to claim rewards, Stars, Contract Points (on Premium Contracts) and to unlock paths to other Contracts.
    • One Star is awarded once for each Objective completed at turn in. The Star for any unfinished Objective may be obtained later by reactivating the Contract, completing the Objective, and turning that Contract in again.
    • Players use Stars to activate more Contracts. Some Contracts require more than one Star to activate, so there may be some Contracts in a set that cannot be activated by players who only complete Primary Objectives!
  • If at least one Bonus Objective is completed for a Contract, that Contract may be turned in for the Rewards with the Primary Objective incomplete; however, any paths to following Contract nodes are not unlocked until that Contract's Primary Objective.
  • Turning in a Contract with incomplete Objectives does not prevent future completion of those Objectives (as long as the contract set is still active). A player may reactivate partially completed Contracts, at no cost, even after the Contract was turned in.


Rewards for turning in Contracts include the following:

Contract star.png
Contract Stars

Contract Stars is currency awarded to players who complete primary or bonus objectives, they're used to unlock other contracts. Contract stars are limited to the campaign they're unlocked on, and unable to be used on other campaigns.

Cyoa cash large.png
Blood Money

Blood Money is currency awarded to players who turn in certain Contracts with the Primary Objective completed. If Blood Money is listed as a reward for a Contract, the player receives the listed amount when the Contract is turned in. Blood Money may be used to purchase certain items, e.g., merchandise available in the Mercenary Park Gift Shop.

Item icon Kathman-Hairdo.png

Indicated by crate icons, some contracts award an item when completed, such items include, possibly, Action items (example: Halloween Package), weapons (Second Banana for example), Cosmetic Items (some available only through contracts), or keyless crates (which may contain random items, e.g., War Paint).

Update history

October 20, 2017 Patch #1 (Jungle Inferno Update)

  • The Contracts Drawer has been replaced with the ConTracker, a state-of-the-art PDA.

October 20, 2017 Patch #2

  • Fixed the ConTracker UI not working properly in DirectX 8.

October 26, 2017 Patch

  • Free Halloween contracts and rewards added to the ConTracker!

November 1, 2017 Patch

  • Fixed server crash related to the ConTracker

December 1, 2017 Patch

  • Players viewing their ConTracker can no longer move or attack.
  • Fixed the Engineer's ConTracker animation
  • Fixed the Medic, Sniper, and Engineer not un-hiding their weapons at the end of the ConTracker animation