Aktualizacja z 21 grudnia 2017

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Źródło: Team Fortress 2 Update Released (angielski)Team Fortress 2 Update Released (angielski)

Lista zmian

Patch 1

Wesołych Śniąt 2017!


Patch 2


  1. Balloonihoodie, Blast Blocker, Brass Bucket, Burning Beanie, Caribou Companion, Cat's Pajamas, Coldfront Carapace, Coldfront Commander, Down Tundra Coat, Handsome Hitman, Hungover Hero, Melody Of Misery, Pocket Santa, Pocket Yeti, Polar Bear, Puffy Polar Cap, Sinner's Shade, Sledder's Sidekick, Trucker's Topper, Wild West Whiskers