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Ctf deliverance b3 bludrill.jpg
Basic information
Map type Capture the Flag
Version: Beta 3
Developer(s): Mark "Shmitz" Major
Map Overview
Deliverance overview.png

Deliverance is a Capture the Flag map created for the's Competitive CTF Contest. It won second place, behind Wildfire and ahead of Fusion. It employs a variation on CTF in which a single, neutral flag spawns at the center of the map and must be delivered to the enemy base.

To win, your team must bring the neutral intelligence to the opposite base of your own continuously until you reach the game's capture limit (default limit is 3) while preventing the enemy from achieving the same.


  • The Drill: The intelligence capture zone, a giant drill in each base.
  • The Cave: A side path through a cave that leads to an upper area above each base.
  • The intersection: The middle of the map where the intelligence is spawned.
  • The Shacks: Connected small shacks that reside on both sides of the map.


  • Because the Intelligence must be captured in the enemy base, offensive Engineer strategies can be effective.
  • It is best to get to the Intelligence first with both teams being able to pick it up.
Overview of the map.(Large file)


  • Improved the visuals around the drill and cave areas.
  • Removed obsolete nook at the back of the cave and moved the small health to behind the central rock.
  • Compiled with higher quality lighting options.


  • More detailing!
  • Adjusted a lot of lights.
  • Added skybox.
  • Removed porpoise bird from soundscape.
  • Swapped small healths and ammos in mid.


  • Much detailing.
  • Cart no longer moves.
  • Changed "tunnel" entrance/exit to capture area, adding a slightly less cramped staging room before the cave.
  • Changed lower spawn exit to be a one-way drop down hatch. Instead of exiting off to the side of mid, it lets out into the small tunnel that connects the mid building to the track path.
  • Added soundscapes.
  • Added more observer cams and removed redundant cam.


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