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Let's do this Texas style.
The Engineer

Upon taunting with the Frontier Justice equipped, the Engineer pulls out his trusty guitar, plays a chord, and then bashes it over the head of any enemy slow, unaware, or unfortunate enough to be in his way.

Upon a successful hit, the enemy's head will appear to be pounded into their chest. This taunt has a wide range, making it capable of killing an enemy standing on the Engineer's head at the time. The range, however, does not extend below, as it will not kill an enemy the Engineer is standing on.

As with all kill taunts, this taunt can be used to kill enemy players during humiliation and stalemates.

Damage and function times

See also: Damage
Damage and function times
Point blank 450+
Function times
Taunt duration ~4
Values are approximate and determined by community testing.

Related Achievements

Leaderboard class engineer.png Engineer

Honky Tonk Man
Honky Tonk Man
Smash an enemy player's head in with your guitar.
Six-String Stinger
Six-String Stinger
Provide an enemy player with a freeze cam of your guitar playing skills.

Update history

July 8, 2010 Patch (Engineer Update)

  • The taunt was added to the game.


  • During the Scream Fortress event, when attempting to perform the Dischord taunt, but instead performing the Thriller taunt, several guitar gibs would still fall out of the player as soon as he started the taunt.
  • The model for the guitar is right handed, but the guitar in the kill icon is left handed.


  • The guitar was first featured in Meet the Engineer, and was seen at the end of Meet the Medic.
  • Using a guitar in this fashion draws similarities between the Engineer and El Kabong, the vigilante identity of Quick Draw McGraw.
  • The chord that the Engineer plays before smashing his guitar appears to be Eadd9.
  • The three sounds the guitar can make as it breaks were taken from Left 4 Dead 2.
  • Ragdolls of enemies kills with this taunt seem to have no neck, their heads being slammed into their chests.


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