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| availability    = {{avail|drop|craft|purchase|Promotional}}
| availability    = {{avail|drop|craft|purchase|Promotional}}
| numbered        = yes
| numbered        = yes
| medieval        = yes
| medieval        = no
| loadout          = yes
| loadout          = yes
   | level          =  
   | level          =  

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Wayta duck!
Scout on throwing kitchenware at enemies

The Flying Guillotine is a secondary weapon for the Scout. It appears as a meat cleaver with Chinese characters on it. It has two styles, Thirsty and Thirstier. Thirstier adds blood stains to the front of the blade. It can be thrown to damage enemies at range.

Update history

August 2, 2012 Patch

  • The Flying Guillotine was added to the game.



Mad Milk Mad Milk Mad Milk Reclaimed Metal Flying Guillotine
Item icon Mad Milk.png + Item icon Mad Milk.png + Item icon Mad Milk.png + Item icon Reclaimed Metal.png = Item icon Flying Guillotine.png


  • The two characters on the blade, 死 and 肉, have the meanings of "death" and "meat", respectively, in both Chinese and Japanese. If read consecutively, it translates into simply "dead meat" in Chinese.
  • The Flying Guillotine is a ranged weapon from the Qing Dynasty that is usually in the form of a hat.