Foppish Physician

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I feel like a million Deutschmarks!
The Medic on his new ensemble

The Foppish Physician is a promotional miscellaneous item for the Medic. It adds wide gold-trimmed lapels and a Mandarin collar to the Medic's labcoat. It also replaces the turn-down collar on his dress shirt with a tunic collar and adds a team-colored waistcoat. The labcoat is additionally edged with gold trim.

It has two styles, named "Tie" and "Epaulettes". "Tie" adds a stock tie while "Epaulettes" adds a pair of golden epaulettes.

This item is awarded in Genuine quality to players who purchase the Total War Master Collection or own or purchase either Empire: Total War or Napoleon: Total War on Steam before October 1, 2012.


Main article: Styles
Tie Epaulettes

Update history

September 27, 2012 Patch

  • The Foppish Physician was added to the game.

Unused content

  • The Foppish Physician is set up for paint to be applied, but the ability to do so is disabled.


  • This outfit is based primarily on the tailcoat of the uniform of late 18th century French military.
  • The Distinguished Rogue and this item were originally submitted as one multi-class item (intended to be distributed with Empire: Total War). [1]


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