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TF2 Wiki is capable of handling multilingual content and providing the reader a user interface in their preferred language. Multilingual editors are encouraged to translate and maintain articles in as many different languages as possible to reach the whole TF2 global community. Maintaining up to date translated articles is very important and it should be noted that it is preferential to have an up to date English article, rather than an out of date translated one.

How TF2 Wiki handles multiple languages

  • English is the main reference language, and all root pages should be named and written in English.
  • Other languages should be placed in an appropriately named sub-page of the English version. E.g. the French version of Help:Contents should be at Help:Contents/fr (not Help:Sommaire, Aide:Sommaire or Help:Sommaire/fr).
  • Language sub-pages should be named using the appropriate language code for that language (see below).
  • If an international version of a page exists but an English version does not, then please create a stub article for the English version as this aids navigation.
  • All pages with language sub-pages should be tagged with the {{Languages}} template, which automatically creates links to all available translations. This template should be added at the very bottom of each page, just above the category tags and include the page name (see template documentation for instructions).
  • While in the process of translating articles a {{Trans}} template should be applied to the page. The first parameter should be the language name (word not code) you are translating into and second should be the base language name you are using (usually English). For example, if you were translating a page from English into Russian apply a {{Trans|Russian|English}} to the article. By doing this, the article will be categorized in a "Translating into <language name>" for others to easily find. This template should be removed once the translation is complete.

The main page

The English version of our front page is located at Main Page. Translated versions are located at Main Page/code, where code is the language code (e.g. Main Page/es).

Importantly, the rules about language codes (see below) should be followed and the {{Languages}} template must be applied.


Categories should also have their own sub-pages for various languages by appending the language code. For example: The English main root category is located at Category:Main and the Russian main root is located at Category:Main/ru. Additionally when adding a category tag to a translated article you should add the code, thus on the German ÜberCharge article there should be a [[Category:Strategy/de]] tag.

The various language categories should also be translated; however, currently there are issues with the {{Template:Languages}} so this should not be added.


When translating articles, the links that exist on the page should only be changed to direct to the specific language article if the page exists. If the page does not exist, then you should link to the English version of the page until the translated version has been created.

Alternatively it is acceptable to link to the translated version as long as a {{Trans|<to>|<from>}} placeholder is added within that article (see above for details). By doing this it will provide links to other languages for anyone clicking on the original link (it will also give them instructions about translating the page).

Language codes

Throughout TF2 Wiki you should use the language codes specified by the software when creating language-specific content (see below).

Please also bear the following in mind:

  • If the language code is not listed then it may not be supported so please do not translate pages for that language until discussed. If you want to add a language that is not present, first get it added to the software (by talking to one of the Administrators) and only add pages here once the changes have been accepted.
  • If TF2 Wiki uses the 'incorrect' code for a language then you should also (for consistency) use that incorrect code here. If you think a code is incorrect you should discuss it with one of the Administrators, and if this results in it being changed we will move the pages to match.

The following table is a current list of available language codes (using Main Page as an example).

Page Name Language
Main Page English
Main Page/ar Arabic
Main Page/br Breton
Main Page/ca Catalan
Main Page/cs Czech
Main Page/de German
Main Page/el Greek
Main Page/es Spanish
Main Page/fa Persian
Main Page/fi Finnish
Main Page/fr French
Main Page/gu Gujarati
Main Page/he Hebrew
Main Page/hu Hungarian
Main Page/id Indonesian
Main Page/it Italian
Main Page/ja Japanese
Main Page/ko Korean
Main Page/lt Lituanian
Main Page/lv Latvian
Main Page/mr Marathi
Main Page/ms Malay
Main Page/nl Nederlands
Main Page/no Norwegian
Main Page/oc Occitan
Main Page/pl Polish
Main Page/pt Portugese
Main Page/ro Romanian
Main Page/ru Russian
Main Page/si Sinhalese
Main Page/sq Albanian
Main Page/sr Serbian
Main Page/sv Swedish
Main Page/th Thai
Main Page/vi Vietnamese
Main Page/yue Cantonese
Main Page/zh Chinese
Main Page/zh-hans Chinese (Simplified)
Main Page/zh-hant Chinese (Traditional)