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File:Hunted_overview_TFC.png|Overview image of the Hunted for Spectators.
File:Hunted First Yard.jpg|First Yard
File:Hunted First Yard.jpg|First Yard
File:Hunted Blue Spawn.jpg|The Blue team's spawn.
File:Hunted Blue Spawn.jpg|The Blue team's spawn.

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Hunted (Classic)
Hunted TFC.png
Basic information
Map type Escort
File name: hunted
Developer(s): Valve
Map Overview
Hunted (Classic) overview.png

Hunted is a game mode that features the unique Civilian class: a single, lightly armed, player-controlled character who must be escorted to safety by a team of Bodyguards (Soldiers, Heavy Weapons Guys, and Medics). The opposing team is composed of Assassins (Snipers) that must try to kill the Civilian before he is escorted to the safety of the truck.


  • If the Hunted dies, the Assassins get 25 points.
  • If the Hunted reaches the truck, he and the Bodyguards get 50 points.


  • Whenever the Hunted dies or makes it to the truck, all players are moved back to their starting positions.


  • According to Valve, the Payload mode from Team Fortress 2 was supposed to be a recreation of the Hunted game mode.
  • This map is a remake of the original Half-Life map "c2a5e" (Chapter "Surface Tension").


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