January 16, 2003 Patch (Classic)

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Patch notes

Team Fortress Classic

  • Complete rework of launcher UI.
  • Added support for Valve Anti-Cheat.
  • Added ability for Engineer to build teleporter (entrance and exit).
  • Added new map "Ravelin".
  • Updated version of Dustbowl.
  • Changed initial sniper armor from 0 to 25.
  • Damaged buildings (sentries, dispensers, teleporters) will now spark and smoke.
  • Engine supports masked and additive textures modes on models.
  • Added widescreen monitor support (16:9 and 5:4).
  • HLTV log files has time stamp in file name.
  • Don't relay admin_mod commands to spectators like rate, cl_updaterate, etc.
  • If connected to HLTV, allow higher ex_interp values.
  • Improved load times to join servers.
  • Changed "Press duck for menu" message to HUD style message and made it last for 6 seconds.
  • Reduced default sv_maxupdaterate value from 60 to 30.
  • Added "timeleft" TFC client command to query the amount of time left before the server cycles the map.
  • Default HLTV updaterate will be 10 (not 20) to save bandwidth.
  • Changed default network rate to match max rate allowed (from 9999 to 20000), for LAN servers.
  • Added server cvar "sv_lan_rate" which specifies the rate to use for all clients on a lan server, default is 20000.
  • Added "sv_log_onefile" to determine whether one log file is created (total) or one log file for each map change, which is how it currently is. The default is the current behavior (one for each map change).
  • Fixed bug where players who were frozen could travel up ladders.
  • Fixed spy being able to move up ladders while feigned.
  • Fixed teledeath messsage for telefrag death to include "teledeath" as the weapon.
  • Fixed problem with looping Assault Cannon sound getting stuck.
  • Fixed problem with AC gun never dry firing.
  • Fixed a bug with view model colors and first-person spectator mode.
  • Fixed bug where defensive demoman could lay pipebombs/detpack in spawn room (on maps like Dustbowl) and kill offensive team when teams cycle to the next area.
  • Fixed engineer not being able to build while ducking.
  • Fixed Status Bar not showing player IDs correctly.
  • Fixed bug in TFC armor hud graphic where the percentage armor shown wasn't correct for each class.
  • Fixed spectator mode switching your view to a new player if the player you're watching dies.
  • Fixed not being able to pick team "Spectator" when you first join the TFC server.
  • Fixed not being able to pick your own class again if you have hud_classautokill set to 0 (in TFC).
  • Fixed TFC green say_team command buttons for Hunted and Dustbowl.
  • Fixed TFC bug where players could change teams/classes quickly and end up with the wrong weapons for their class.
  • Fixed TFC bug where sentry gun could become detached from the base and still work.
  • Fixed TFC spies, hw guys, and scouts not being able to drop their cells.
  • Fixed demo playback for demos containing svc_filetxferfailed messages.
  • Fixed bug with HLTV director command 'stufftext'.
  • Removed command "dem_edit", use "hl.exe -demoedit" instead.
  • HLTV now handles svc_setview correctly.
  • Fixed demo recording after changelevel.
  • Fixed bug where players could duck while traveling up ladders and not lose any speed (but the sound volume was reduced).
  • Fixed players being able to move up ladders faster than their maxspeed.
  • Fixed bug with chat input and PIP overlapping while in spectator mode.
  • Fixed spectator bug where you can't always cycle forwards and backwards through the players (you can only cycle one direction).
  • Fixed sv_visiblemaxplayers setting not working for info/details query response.