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Who wouldn't want to squeeze off a couple rounds with the murder weapon of choice of a sociopathic cartoon rabbit? Probably quite a lot of people, when you get right down to it. Luckily, those people are all well-adjusted contributors to society with no police records, spotless credit ratings and few unresolvable moral failings. They also probably have no interest in playing TF2, so that means more murder-rabbit gun shooting for the rest of us.
— Official Description

The Lugermorph is a secondary weapon for the Scout and the Engineer. A promotional item, it represents the sidearm of Max, the "hyperkinetic rabbity thing" from Sam & Max. The Lugermorph was first given to players who pre-ordered Sam & Max: The Devil's Playhouse or who bought it up to a week after release. It can also be acquired through defeating Max in a round of Poker Night at the Inventory in which he has bought in with the item and the License to Maim instead of cash.

The weapon functions in exactly the same way as the standard Pistol. As such, the accuracy of the Lugermorph is average, more suited to attacking medium or long range targets that the Scattergun or Shotgun cannot normally hit; however, it suffers from medium damage falloff over distance. The gun is also useful for destroying Sticky bombs or attacking Sentry Guns from outside their firing range.


See also: Damage
  • Base: 15
  • Max Ramp Up: 150% (22 damage)
  • Max Fall Off: 50% (8 damage)
  • Point Blank: 20-22
  • Medium Range: 10-15
  • Long Range: 8-9
  • Mini-Crit: 20
  • Critical hit: 45

Medium range is defined as length of the main resupply door to the opposite wall on the upper level of 2Fort. Long range is defined as the length from battlement to battlement on 2Fort. Base damage is the damage done at 512 units before damage variance or bullet spread. Ramp up maxes out at 0 units. Fall off maxes out at 1024 units. Damages are approximate and determined by community testing.

Function times

  • Attack Interval: 0.17 (6 rounds/second)
  • Reload: 1.25 (Scout)
  • Spread Recovery: 1.25

All times are in seconds. Times are approximate and determined by community testing.

Related achievements


Gun Down
Gun Down
Destroy an active sentry gun using your pistol.

Poker Night at the Inventory

Pokernight max.png Special Item: Max

Knock out Max after he's bought in with his special item.

Previous changes

  • Originally, this gun could only be used by the Scout. In the July 1, 2010 Patch, it was made available for use by the Engineer.
  • The kill icon for the Lugermorph was originally the same as the Pistol. This was changed to its current kill icon in the July 8, 2010 Patch.
  • All Lugermorphs obtained by pre-ordering The Devil's Playhouse were changed to Vintage items in the November 19, 2010 Patch, distinguishing them from Lugermorphs acquired through Poker Night at the Inventory. The Self-Made Lugermorphs held by Telltale employees were downgraded to Vintage in this change, possibly unintentionally.


  • The name "Lugermorph" is a portmanteau of "Template:W", the German sidearm the Lugermorph is based on, and "Template:W", the taxonomic order that Max claims to be part of.
    • The earliest of Max's weapons was called the "Clip Clip Nama Zan", in one of Steve Purcell's earliest Sam & Max drawings (the same drawing which gave a name to The Big Kill). Starting out as parody sketches of Dave Purcell's childhood comics (his brother's work, seen on the left in the previous image), Steve eventually made full-page comics using the characters, with this early example giving Max a 'Luger' closer to what he has nowadays.
  • The weapon's in-game description is a reference to a mystery and running joke in the Sam & Max series: Where does Max keep his items? The answer to which is "None of your damn business." As if to add to the reference, there was originally a problem with the drop system where the weapon would be removed from the backpack when the game was closed, and put back in when the game was active.
  • The Lugermorph released with Poker Night at the Inventory uses a separate internal item id from the original Lugermorph released in The Devil's Playhouse promotion; this technically makes it a different item, though the only difference is that the Poker Night Lugermorph cannot be traded.


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