Pyrovision Goggles

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The Spy on Pyroland

The Pyrovision Goggles are a miscellaneous item for all classes. They are a pair of goggles with round lenses and the term "Optical Mask" printed in between them, reminiscent of the Pyro's mask. The lenses also glow in the dark, similar to the Deus Specs. Bits of the Pyroland landscape can be seen reflected on the lenses.

When equipped, players are able to see in Pyrovision: map textures are replaced with those of Pyroland, gibs and pickups are replaced with their counterparts from birthday mode, other players' voices become high-pitched and laugh when injured or killed, and certain Pyroland-only weapons and miscellaneous items become visible or change model. However, the goggles will not change textures on some official maps, or any custom maps regardless of if they are using the original textures.

The goggles were distributed in Vintage quality to all players who launched the game before July 5, 2012, further characterized with the added positive attribute, "Witnessed the 2012 inferno". Alternatively, a Unique version of the item can be awarded to the player by completing the A Fresh Pair of Eyes achievement obtained by dominating a player who is wearing the goggles, similar to obtaining the Ghastly Gibus hat.

If equipped on the Engineer or Pyro, the goggles will take the form of their existing eyewear, albeit with the lenses swapped out. If equipped on the Demoman, the left lens will be replaced by a metal patch.

Related achievements

Achieved.png General

A Fresh Pair of Eyes
A Fresh Pair of Eyes
Dominate a player using the Pyrovision Goggles and earn your own pair!

Reward: Pyrovision Goggles

Update history

June 27, 2012 Patch (Pyromania Update)

  • The Pyrovision Goggles were added to the game.

June 28, 2012 Patch

  • [Undocumented] The Pyrovision Goggles were added to the drop system.

July 5, 2012 Patch

  • Added new options for Pyrovision to the Advanced Options dialog
    • Added enable/disable for the HUD border
    • Added the ability to make the HUD border static
    • Added the ability to turn off the skybox depth of field


  • If equipped on the Demoman and then equipped on another class, the left eye will not glow.
  • You can earn "Fresh Pair of Eyes" by dominating a Spy disguised as player wearing the Pyrovision Goggles, even if the Spy is not wearing them


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