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==The SourceMod Plugin==
SourceMod is a Open-Source server modification plugin for any game that runs on the Source engine. It is a powerful platform for [[scripting]] plugins and handling server administration.
===Features for Users===
*Allows server opperators the ability to configure the admin menu.
*The ability to create a Reserved slot in a server.
*User map vote management (nominations, rock the vote).
*Administration commands such as kicking/banning/slapping/muting players.
*Quickly being able to toggle server cvar settings.
*Chat triggers for both users and administrators.
*Easy customization of the server via use of community or player made plugins written in SourcePawn
*Sharing of settings across server via MySQL
The sourcemod core allows for easy creation of plugins with the SourcePawn Scripting language, and has numerous published plugins and extensions covering almost any function imaginable

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