Summer 2022 Pack

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This article is for content released in the update. For the patch itself, see July 29, 2022 Patch.

The Summer 2022 Pack was the in-game release of several items selected by Valve from the Steam Workshop due to their outstanding quality. It was released with the July 29, 2022 Patch and added a total of 25 new cosmetic items and 11 new Unusual effects, obtainable from Summer 2022 Cosmetic Cases that could be opened with a Summer 2022 Cosmetic Key.



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Boston Brain Bucket Boston Brain Bucket
Pest's Pads Pest's Pads
Ripped Rider Ripped Rider
Team Player Team Player
Throttlehead Throttlehead
Chaser Chaser
Detective Detective
Kazan Karategi Kazan Karategi
Barefoot Brawler Barefoot Brawler
Hawaiian Hangover Hawaiian Hangover
Head Banger Head Banger
Combat Casual Combat Casual
Squatter's Right Squatter's Right
Lawnmaker Lawnmaker
Western Wraps Western Wraps
Fizzy Pharmacist Fizzy Pharmacist
Soda Cap Soda Cap
Hawaiian Hunter Hawaiian Hunter
Rocko Rocko
Tropical Camo Tropical Camo
Monsieur Grenouille Monsieur Grenouille
Night Vision Gawkers Night Vision Gawkers
Tactical Turtleneck Tactical Turtleneck
Decorated Veteran Decorated Veteran
Undercover Brolly Undercover Brolly


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Summer 2022 Cosmetic Case Summer 2022 Cosmetic Case
Summer 2022 Cosmetic Key Summer 2022 Cosmetic Key

Unusual effects

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Summer 2022 Pack Unusual effects
Cosmetic effects
RED BLU RED BLU Sprinkled Delights Terrestrial Favor
Crustacean Sensation Frosted Decadence
Tropical Thrill Flourishing Passion Dazzling Fireworks Blazing Fireworks Shimmering Fireworks Twinkling Fireworks
Sparkling Fireworks Glowing Fireworks Glimmering Fireworks RED BLU Limelight
Flying Lights
Shining Star Cold Cosmos Refracting Fractals RED BLU Starlush
Starfire Stardust Contagious Eruption Daydream Eruption Volcanic Eruption Divine Sunlight
Audiophile Soundwave Synesthesia