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The first blog post on the TF2 Official Website.
What did I miss?
The Demoman, seeking for news

The TF2 Official Website is the main hub for news and information regarding Team Fortress 2. It is primarily used by Valve to announce and inform the TF2 community about recent and upcoming events.

With the announcement of the Über Update, the TF2 Official Website received an overhaul, adding new sections and improving navigation to internal mini-sites and places of community interest.


The blog was once the most updated section of the TF2 Official Website and was Valve's primary way of making announcements to the TF2 community. The blog frequently featured announcements of community and official events, major updates, item promotions, and general information in the community's interest to show what's coming soon.

List of blog entries

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The site features informational pages for each of the 9 classes in the game. The pages feature short biographies (originally from the trading card promotional set), a brief listing of the classes' Stock weapons, and their associated Meet the Team video short. Each page can be accessed via the links on each class picture in the site header.

Other pages on the site display listings of all animated shorts and comics, as well as a 'History' section detailing all major updates shipped since the release of the game. This page also features a counter displaying the total amount of patches released to date (although it is not updated automatically). Various artwork, concept art, and wallpapers are also made available as downloads, and a 'DIY media kit' featuring high-resolution versions of official logs, emblems, fonts, and artwork is offered as a 32 MB download in .zip archive format.

The Steam Workshop, the mini-site that enables players to upload and submit community-made items for inclusion in the game, is accessible from the site. Guidelines on maintaining the game's art style are also provided as a reference for players. In addition to announcements made in blog posts, the site also contains 'News' and 'Update' sections to display game patches, community announcements, and other content related to the game from the Steam News feed.


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