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Introducing, the first annual Australium April Update, adding a new weapon and playable class! First up, forget the Holy Mackerel, and come check out the newest TF2 weapon, the cow. Originally hailing from 2fort, the cow is ready for battle, inflicting bleeding and milk upon your enemies. Also added is the first ever playable character addition, the Demopan! Equipped with his trusty Stout Shako and Frying Pan, this trading expert can interrupt team communications with trade requests. Enjoy the update!
Latest Updates post for April Fools Day

This article is about the April Fools' Day event. On April 1st, 2011, the Team Fortress Wiki altered the front page as part of a fictional Australium April Update. The "featured article" rotated between the pages for the new class, the Demopan, and the new Cow melee weapon for the Heavy. The Demopan page was originally created by Benjamuffin for his User page, while the Cow page was created specifically for April Fools' Day by Focusknock. The trending topics were changed to Cow, Demopan, Frying Pan, Bounty Hat, Chargin' Targe, Dangeresque, Too?, Stout Shako, and For 2 Refined for the day. A fake update post, written by Stevoisiak, was added to the current events describing the fake update.

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