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This page documents accepted policies and guidelines in use on the Team Fortress Wiki.

Terms of Use

Main article: Team Fortress Wiki:Terms of Use


Unreleased content

  • Generally, images or articles relating to unreleased weapons, items or other game content are not permitted until they are officially released.
  • The main purpose of this is to reduce unverified speculation or other ridiculous conjecture.
  • You are, however, free to start creating the article in your user space and it will be moved back into the article space upon official release.

Images and media

Main article: Team Fortress Wiki:Licensing images

Images and media on the Team Fortress Wiki must follow these licensing guidelines.

  • All images must have a license template appearing on their file page;
  • The license template used must be correct; examples of incorrect licensing:
    • claiming fair use justification ({{FairUse}}) on a in-game screenshot image;
    • using a public domain ({{PD}}) license on a copyrighted image;
    • using a Creative Commons license on a logo image or other trademark.


See the following links for guidelines on editing.


Elevated privileges

See Help:Group rights.


See the above section on unreleased content.


See also: Wikipedia:Protection policy

Generally most pages are not protected to encourage new edits and additions to content. However, some pages and articles are deliberately locked against editing, mostly for the following reasons:

  • If an edit war breaks out and involved parties refuse to stop;
  • If the page is high-risk: this can include templates that are transcluded heavily, or images that are externally linked.
  • In some cases pages may be protected for other reasons, particularly if a page is receiving high traffic (e.g. the Main Page).


See also: Wikipedia:Blocking policy

Users are only blocked from editing if they prove to be consistently disruptive to the wiki.