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== Wall of Shame ==
== Wall of Shame ==
[[File:SpyHumiliation.png|x300px|right|Ah, merde.]]
[[File:SpyHumiliation.png|x300px|right|Ah, merde.]]
* [[Amputator]] - "The Amputator is a replacement with the Krankensage from The Fancy vs. Nasty update"
* [[Amputator]] - "The Amputator is a replacement for the Krankensage from The Fancy vs. Nasty update"
* [[Area 451]] - "The name may also reference the process of Greylisting, a method of defending e-mail users against spam which producec a "451 error" and punning the archetypal Grey alien that the hat resembles."
* [[Area 451]] - "The name may also reference the process of Greylisting, a method of defending e-mail users against spam which produces a "451 error" and punning the archetypal Grey alien that the hat resembles."
* [[Backbiter's Billycock]] - "The Billycock may or may not be a refrence to stereotypical villians."
* [[Backbiter's Billycock]] - "The Billycock may or may not be a refrence to stereotypical villians."
* [[Back Scratcher]] - "It is said that the pyro is in fact a female and the backscratcher is a rake where women usually attend their gardens and plants in their free time."  
* [[Back Scratcher]] - "It is said that the pyro is in fact a female and the backscratcher is a rake where women usually attend their gardens and plants in their free time."  

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The Medic about bad trivia additions

The Trivia Wall of Shame is a list of the worst trivia facts to have ever been posted on the Team Fortress Wiki. It should be seen as a general "trivia to avoid" list when considering what trivia to add to pages.

To make sure none of your trivia ends up on this list, see the guidelines here.

Feel free to add any particularly poor trivia you may come across below.

Wall of Shame

Ah, merde.
  • Amputator - "The Amputator is a replacement for the Krankensage from The Fancy vs. Nasty update"
  • Area 451 - "The name may also reference the process of Greylisting, a method of defending e-mail users against spam which produces a "451 error" and punning the archetypal Grey alien that the hat resembles."
  • Backbiter's Billycock - "The Billycock may or may not be a refrence to stereotypical villians."
  • Back Scratcher - "It is said that the pyro is in fact a female and the backscratcher is a rake where women usually attend their gardens and plants in their free time."
  • Balloonicorn - "The picture of a pan on both sides of the Baloonicorn's hips is a reference to a cutie mark, a term from the My Little Pony franchise, which shows what the pony is best at."
  • Bill's Hat - "One of the most wanted item in TF2."
  • Blighted Beak - ""Blighted Beak" rushed professional doctors who treated the patients infected by a plague. In Middle Ages doctors trusted, that it is possible to become infected with a plague, having picked up its bacteria from air and to secure itself against contact to breath of patients, doctors carried the similar masks which have served by the prototype of a gas mask."
  • Boston Basher - "The Boston Basher is a wooden bat with nails driven through it."
  • Brigade Helm - "This hat was probably a reference to name, "Fire Fighters" who put out fires, the irony is that the Pyro is the person who fights with fire."
  • Conjurer's Cowl - "Conjurer's Cowl in computer games people possessing magic more often carry."
  • Connoisseur's Cap - "The description is grammatically incorrect, using "You're" instead of "Your"."
  • Conquistador - "The description refers to English poet and playwright William Shakespeare."
  • Conquistador - "The description references the 1605 Spanish novel Don Quixote in which the protagonist dons a suit of armor and fights a varying array of imaginary foes, his most notable battle being against a windmill."
  • Crusader's Crossbow - "This weapon may be a reference to Half Life 2, as one of Gordon Freeman's weapons is a crossbow."
  • Demoman - "In the 2 season of "Lost", episode 2 referenced a Mr and Mrs Degroot. no connection has been found."
  • Demoman - "The Red Demo man lost his eye when a book possed it."
  • DethKapp - "The name of the style "Stark ravin mad" is probably a refenence of the song of the same name by Negaren"
  • Disguise Kit - "The diguise kit is your first weapon or should i say kit unless u start with your enternal reward but u dont't."
  • Doomsday - "Given the map's 2012 release, the name Doomsday may be a veiled reference to the date of December 21, 2012, which some believe to be the beginning of the Mayan Apocalypse."
  • Earbuds - "The 28% of the players had this items,and now only 12% had these,one of these reasons are new players or people collective them."
  • Engineer -"The engineer lack thereof one arm (right) and he was hiding it under a rubber glove, but if you use The Gunslinger, we see that the hand of the engineer-like robot arm"
  • Engineer - "The Engineer is the only class to mention a Combine in Team Fortress 2."
  • Engineer - "The Soldier believes the engineer to be canadian"
  • Essential Accessories - "Wristbands used for wiping the sweat from his face, protection from certain types of injuries in tennis lessons, or some physical exercises, is sometimes used to protect the watch from damage when jogging."
  • Essential Accessories - "But, it is a pity that from a suit coins, as don't fall inMonday Night Combat"
  • Essential Accessories - "The Essential Accessories cannot be worn at the same time as Earbuds, because they are both Miscellaneous items."
  • Familiar Fez - "The fez may exist from Turkish countries."
  • Flamethrower - "It's a wonder it doesn't explode when used; the pure danger of firing it adds to the evidence of the Pyro's mental state of perhaps not playing always with a full deck of cards."
  • Flip-Flops - "Ironically, flip flops usually hinders running."
  • Flipped Trilby - "A trilby is a type of hat."
  • Football Helmet - "Along with the batter's helmet and bonk helmet. This is the only hat sports related."
  • Force-A-Nature - "When Scout reloads the force-a-nature the same shells are used."
  • Grenadier's Softcap - "This hat appears as a biker hat, which might fit the Soldier."
  • Gunslinger - "*Engineer cuthis hand off to use these weapon."
  • Hadouken- "It is thought by some that the Pyro uses a lighter to create the Hadouken."
  • Hadouken - "This is the only taunt kill that can be used when equipping any secondary weapon for the pyro."
  • Half-Zatoichi - "The Half Zatoichi is further proof that the Demoman is a time-traveling wizard. Although versions of the blade come in "Genuine" quality, the blade appears to be brand new. Obviously, the Demoman must have acquired it from the past."
  • Handyman's Handle - "The Pyro has never actually used the Handyman's Handle for it's actual purpose."
  • Handyman's Handle - "This might infer that the pyro was a janitor also while working at a gas station."
  • Heavy - "The fact that the Heavy wears hats like the Hound Dog and the Football Helmet seems to imply he's interested in American culture."
  • Heavy - "Heavy's Belt Bullets may be Crayons."
  • Holiday Punch - "Attacking with the Holiday Punch makes almost no noise."
  • Holy Mackerel - "The Holy Makerel is the only 'dead' weapon"
  • Holy Mackerel - "Yet another reference is that according to studies about evolution, all life on Earth started in the oceans and by evolving slowly went on land."
  • Horrific Headsplitter - "It is unknown if this hat is truly a meat cleaver through the head, or just plastic."
  • Horseless Headless Horsemann's Head - "Some hats are tradable causing by a glitch on Team Fortress 2 when they find it. When the glitch has been repair, the hats have kept the tradable tool."
  • Hot Dogger - "The Hot Dogger's appearance resembles that of a comedically designed snack vendor's hat."
  • Iron Curtain - "The Iron Curtain features a vent on its side from which smoke and light of a flame are visible. This may be a reference to the emphasis on industrialization in Soviet Russia."
  • Item sets - "The name One Thousand and One Demoknights is a refence to the 300 battle because there were a thousand Persains fighting 300 Spartens."
  • Jag - "To craft this without already having a Southern Hospitality would require the ambassador and two piles of Scrap Metal, despite that no part of the Ambassador is actually used on the finished Jag."
  • Jarate "Jarate have the same properties as at grenades of the demoman. That is if you have thrown jarate in air that it without having reached the earth will break in air as a grenade of the demoman."
  • Le Party Phantom "If you go by the proper French pronunciation, Le Party Phantom should instead be spelled 'Le Parti Phantom'"
  • L'Etranger "This weapon has the highest pitch and least damage of all four of the spy's revolvers."
  • Lugermorph - "The difference between the old lugermorph and this new one. Is that the old one is trade-able and it is vintage. But the big kill gun (Got by pre-ordering the same game) dose not get vintage."
  • Lumbricus Lid - "Vintage Lumbricus Lids are by far the rarest Vintage Hat out there in the tf2 world. Only 58 known and recorded V. Lumbricus Lids."
  • Mad Milk - "The symbol for Mad Milk is the same as Bleed, except Mad Milk is white, while Bleeding is red."
  • Mad Milk - "The name Mad Milk could be a reference to the mythical "Mad Cow Disease""
  • Madame Dixie - "The Madame Dixie looks slightly similar to the Modest Pile of Hat, with the difference being that the Madame Dixie is a bit larger and has yellow flowers attached to it."
  • Magnificent Mongolian - "Mongolia is right next to Siberia in Russia and the people at the border have a shared ancestry. Many Siberians in the region have chinky eyes and a number of their Mongolian counterparts have blonde or brown hair."
  • Mann vs. Machine - "The minigun carried by the large robotic heavy is called the deflector."
  • Mask of the Shaman - "The Demoman may be the only Class able to use the Mask of the Shaman because he is black, and resembles the tribesman of the game From Dust."
  • Master's Yellow Belt - "Painting it sort of defeats its purpose."
  • Medic - "Suitably, the Medic seems to be the only class without a liable health problem. The Scout has an extremely high sugar intake (and possible radiation poisoning), the Soldier undergoes frequent leg fracturing, the Pyro's lungs are ravaged from his asbestos-lined suit, the Demoman is an alcoholic and also experiences constant leg fracturing, the Heavy is overweight, the Engineer amputated himself, the Sniper has impeding kidney failure, and the Spy is a casual smoker. Despite his peers, the Medic so far seems to be completely healthy, aside from his mental health and sadism, traits that all the classes seem to exhibit to some degree."
  • Medic - "The Mildly Disturbing Halloween Mask for the Medic hints at Docter Frankenstien's relations with the Medic. (Both have a dark persona, and both have an attraction to the dead, along with both having thick accents.)"
  • Medic - "When the Heavy calls for a Medic he will occasionaly say "Get behind me doctor!", you want to do just this, the Heavy is giant so he is great cover."
  • Meet the Director - "Miss Pauling's Revolver looks much like that of the Spy's Revolver or even Big Kill."
  • Meet the Medic - "The Heavy fires his gun for 24 seconds which costed $800,000."
  • Meet the Medic - "In the meet the medic outakes, in the part Making Gods, the spy has nails in his mouth that was a scraped bulliet hole for the scraped scout gun, the nail gun."
  • Meet the Sandvich - "the class that the scout heavy and soldier is unknown"
  • Meet the Spy - "this quote shows Spy's improper french for proper french would have it be "Ah, ma chou-fleur petite"."
  • Miscellaneous Items - "Originally, the misc. slot was ment for badges, but now, it really means Miscellaneous.
  • Natascha - "Due to the lack of skill needed to use the Natascha, many people classified it as "noob weapon". VALVe, by creating the Team Fortress 2 Beta made 3 different variants for the Natascha to balance it."
  • Natascha - The name Natascha sounds like Not Sascha (what Heavy refers his default Minigun to) when putting emphasis on the T.
  • Neon Annihilator - Note that when you taunt it plays a beat
  • Noh Mercy - "The Noh Mercy title is clearly a play on words regarding the name of a campaign within Valve's Left 4 Dead game, No Mercy."
  • Officer's Ushanka - "This may be a reference to Heavy's possible Russian nationality as this hat was used by russians in WWII."
  • Ol' Geezer - "The Ol' Geezer texture and model name is prospector_hat, indicating that the item may have been inspired from the hat worn by Stinky Pete ("The Prospector") from the 1999 animated film Toy Story 2 (image)."
  • Ol' Geezer - "'Get of mah land!' is a reference to the stereo-type of old men yelling at people to get off of their lawn."
  • Old Guadalajara - "Although this hat is of Mexican origin, it still leaves the Pyro's true nationality unclear. A miscellaneous item, Whiskered Gentleman, is contrary to Old Guadalajara in the sense of his/her origin. It's been assumed that he/she simply holds a diverse collection of hats compared to the other nine classes to prevent implication of what may be behind the mask."
  • Old Guadalajara - "One of the theories about the Pyro's nationality is that he/she is Mexican. This hat may be a reference to those theories."
  • Old Guadalajara - "There was a large gasoline explosion in the city of Guadalajara, supposedly supporting the Pyros destructive nature."
  • Old Guadalajara - "Mexican food is known for being spicy. This hat could be a reference to that, since the pyro uses fire to attack his enemies."
  • Ornament Armament - "When painted gold, people often refer to these as "Holy Hand Grenades", yet the grenades with the Lumbricus Lid are the true Holy Hand Grenades."
  • Pain Train - "The Pain Train appears to be constructed from a Pyro's discarded Axtinguisher handle. Ironically, however, an Axtinguisher is not required to craft a Pain Train."
  • Pomson 6000 - "This weapon was sent from space in a UFO, following a request from an unknown person (possibly the Pyro) explaining how it is more advanced than any other of the Engineer's gadgets."
  • Prancer's Pride - "Both the pyro and solider have reindeer hats unsaid that they have anything to do with each other the could be some kind of christmas intake "
  • Postal Pummeler - "A mail with some flame is featured in the kill icon, which has a similar meaning to Hotmail."
  • Pugilist's Protector - "Pugilists are begginers in boxing and wear this hat for safety and comfort reasons, either told to wear by their coach, or because then want to wear it."
  • Pyro's Beanie - "The beanie supports the story of the pyros attempt at flight from the steam forums were people often said how the pyro's flamethrower could be used as a jetpack."
  • Pyromancer's Mask - "The original name was "Pryomancer's Mask", but there is a possibility that the name wasn't a spelling error, and infact references Prancer the Reindeer (PRyomANCER), due to this being a horse-like skull."
  • Ritzy Rick's Hair Fixative - "This hat it called Ritzy Rick's Hair Fixative, maybe implying the sniper's name is Rick"
  • Rogue's Col Roule - "== Facts == The costume is very similar to that worn by Dr. Breen from Half-Life 2"
  • Sawmill (Arena) - "The run-on sentence describing Sawmill says that a comma could make the sentence longer. This is incorrect; a semicolon would be needed to add the second section about saw blades."
  • Saxton Hale Mask - "There is a joke to this, that saxton hale owns all. It's a hinted joke as in why you have to craft all the masks to the hat.
  • Saxton Hale Mask - "This means the player is required to trade with other players to get the class masks needed unless acquired via trading."
  • Scotsman's Stove Pipe - "This is the only hat to date that looks like the Ghastly Gibus."
  • Scout - "Often people think that The Scout says Boink and not bonk"
  • Scout - "The Scout is the only class without a collar of any kind on his shirt."
  • Scout - "The Scout's right eye is at the position 1.337 on the X-axis."
  • Scout - "According to what the Soldier says in "A Smissmas Story", the scouts first name is Judas"
  • Sentry Gun - "Sentry gun is a turent called sentry gun and u can upgade it."
  • Sergeant's Drill Hat - "While it isn't apparent at first this hat does allow the soldiers elusive eyes to be seen while taunting."
  • Sober Stuntman - "Despite the Demoman being Scottish, this is an American Stuntsman Helmet."
  • Sober Stuntman - "The fact that the helmet is similar to those worn by stunt man Evel Knievel may be a reference to the South Park episode "Pinkeye", In which the character Chef wears an Evel Knievel costume."
  • Sober Stuntman - "The word "Sober" means "To not drink" which is ironic because the Demoman is an Acholic."
  • Solemn Vow - "The small Plague on the Solemn Vow says "Do No Harm"."
  • Solemn Vow - "This weapon reuses the Saxxy's animation, all though somepeople think the animation is new."
  • Something Special For Someone Special - "The case is BLU, making the impression that the BLU spy is proposing to the RED scout's mom."
  • Spy - "The Spy is the only class to have no weapon unlocks besides those in his Polycount set or those unlocked via achievement milestone. (excluding the promotional Big Kill, of course)"
  • Spy-cicle - "The Description is a possible reference to a children's book; A Spoon for Every Bite, a story in which a rich gentleman gets tricked into thinking someone could have a spoon for every bite. A spoon for every bite turns out to be a tortilla chip for every bite. In this case it would be a knife for every stab."
  • Stainless Pot - "Intelligent Heavy, an internet meme created by minifett, dons a Stainless Pot, that gives him "knowledge of all sandviches in the universe"."
  • Submachine Gun - "The machine gun is a uknown gun because of this, The gun is a fictional gun"
  • Surgeon's Stahlhelm - "Back in WW-II, medics wore these kinds of specialized hats for protection."
  • Summer Shades - "The description could refer to the fact that many people would seek and redeem the glasses out of popularity for items in the community."
  • Texas Slim's Dome Shine - "This headwear may be a reference to Riddick, a fictional character, who is also bald and wears similar goggles."
  • Tippler's Tricorne - "The hat is likely to have been modelled after the hat worn by Captain Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean film series."
  • Top Notch - "The Illuminati is a fictional secret society that is claimed finance various governments and secretly rule the world. Costco, on the other hand, is the third largest retailer in the United States."
  • Tough Guy's Toque - "These knitted hats are also typical worn by the Inca people, they are officially called: 'Chullo'. And are originally made of sheep- and alpaca wool."
  • Triboniophorus Tyrannus - "This hat is another reference to Pyro's lack of sanity."
  • Triclops - "Additionally, may Triclops is a reference to a character from the game Assassin Super MNC: both characters don't speak (Pyro to mumbling ), both can not see the person."
  • Tyrant's Helm - "It is said that the Tyrants Helm, the Chieftain's Challenge, and the Killer's Kabuto were stolen from a museum by the soldier. it is also said that the soldier broke the left horn of the tyrants helm while making his escape."
  • Ullapool Caber -"While most likely a coincidence, 'Ullapool Caber' bears certain verbal similarities to the Arabic phrase 'Allahu Akbar', also known as the Takbīr. A common Islamic Arabic phrase, literally translating as 'God is Greater', the phrase has, following the September 11 attacks, come to be associated with Islamic Extremism; in particular suicide bombing."
  • Western Wear - "On the belt with the bullets, there is a little grey gear on the side, showing Engineers building abilitys"
  • Wiki Cap - "This hat is similar to the Soldier's Stout Shako, the difference being that the Stout Shako is taller and has a flat top."
  • Wiki Cap - "This hat was given to the members of the tf2wiki that have added text to the tf2wiki."
  • Whiskered Gentleman - is contrary to Old Guadalajara in the sense of his/her origin. It's been assumed that he/she simply holds a diverse collection of hats compared to the other nine classes to prevent implication of what may be behind the mask."
  • Wrangler - "Wrangler is also the name of the American brand of jeans."
  • Ze Goggles - "Ze Goggles are the only hat with Ze instead of the. This is the reference to the German language."