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Currently displayed facts

  • ...that the mercenaries, alongside other Valve characters, appeared in a version of Peggle called Peggle Extreme?
  • ...that development on Powerhouse actually began in 2007, but the developer left it unfinished and then released the map for the Gun Mettle Update?

Facts suggestions

  • ...that the Amputator taunt can be used for spychecks by seeing if your target is healed?
  • ...That on the level Mannworks there is a dismembered hand in the room behind Red spawn that resembles the Unarmed combat melee weapon?
  • ...that it is possible to prevent a Payload bomb's detonation by knocking it away from the pit with an explosion?
  • ...that the Balloonicorn made its first appearance on the first page of a comic as a festive tree ornament?
  • ...that the Sniper is the only other class besides the Medic that can regenerate health automatically with the Cozy Camper equipped?
  • ...that in Doomsday, there's a hidden room where there's an NPC Spy looking at a map, which cannot be seen in normal gameplay?
  • ...that if you turn on subtitles in the Meet the Pyro video, the Scout is saying "He's not here, is she?", referring to the Pyro?
  • ...that if you equip the Sydney Sleeper, the bullets in the Sniper's breast pocket are replaced with darts?

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  • ...that the robots in Mann vs. Machine have the same first person models as their human class counterparts?
  • ...that there's a burned Spy's hand in a coal train on Mannworks, and you can see it while spectating or with noclip enabled?
  • ...that if your disguise weapon is one that reloads a magazine or shells, reloading your Revolver will cause your disguise to reload their weapon?
  • ...that, in Meet the Sniper, the bobble-head civilian is standing on the Team Fortress Classic logo?
  • ...that in A Smissmas Story, before the Meet the Pyro video was announced, one child states they want a Poopy Joe rescue rocket?
  • ...that in 1984, a 15-day old girl recieved a transplanted baboon heart as the Heavy did in the Meet the Medic video?
  • ...that in the Meet the Medic video the Loch Ness Hamster's heart can be seen in the Medic's refrigerator?

  • ...that you can kill yourself by airblasting a Rocket Jumper projectile near you?
  • ...that in Meet the Pyro, when the Pyro is first seen in Pyrovision, there is a cloud in the top-right corner that resembles the female gender symbol?
  • ...that the Soldier and the Pyro are the only classes that do not have any items that change their maximum health?

  • ...that it took just 12 hours to decode the second ARG?
  • ...that the beta version of 2Fort can be found in the Source Filmmaker listed as "devtest.bsp"?
  • ...that Medics used to be able to continue healing while taunting with their secondary weapons or using the action slot taunts?

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