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! class="header" | {{lang
! class="header" | {{lang
   | cs = Místo nošení
   | cs = Místo nošení
  | de = Ausrüstungsbereich
   | en = Equip region
   | en = Equip region
   | fr = Région d'équipement
   | fr = Région d'équipement
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! class="header" | {{lang
! class="header" | {{lang
   | cs = Předměty
   | cs = Předměty
  | de = Gegenstände
   | en = Items
   | en = Items
   | fr = Objets
   | fr = Objets
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|}<noinclude>{{doc begin}}
|}<noinclude>{{doc begin}}
* Use the script found at [[User:Moussekateer#Scripts]] to generate this table.
* Use the script found at [[User:Moussekateer#Scripts]] to generate this table.
{{translation switching|cs, ko, pl, ru, pt-br, zh-hant}}
{{translation switching|cs, de, ko, pl, ru, pt-br, zh-hant}}

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Equip region Items
Arm Tattoos Apparatchik's Apparel Apparatchik's Apparel
Fast Learner Fast Learner
Arms B-ankh! B-ankh!
Bootie Time Bootie Time
Chargin' Targe Chargin' Targe
Essential Accessories Essential Accessories
Gunslinger Gunslinger
Purity Fist Purity Fist
Rogue's Col Roule Rogue's Col Roule
Soviet Stitch-Up Soviet Stitch-Up
Splendid Screen Splendid Screen
Steel Pipes Steel Pipes
Back Battalion's Backup Battalion's Backup
Buff Banner Buff Banner
Concheror Concheror
Cozy Camper Cozy Camper
Darwin's Danger Shield Darwin's Danger Shield
Idea Tube Idea Tube
Infernal Orchestrina Infernal Orchestrina
Liquor Locker Liquor Locker
Moonman Backpack Moonman Backpack
Quick-Fix Quick-Fix
Razorback Razorback
Russian Rocketeer Russian Rocketeer
Scrap Pack Scrap Pack
Beard All-Father All-Father
Anger Anger
Big Steel Jaw of Summer Fun Big Steel Jaw of Summer Fun
Brainiac Hairpiece Brainiac Hairpiece
Camera Beard Camera Beard
Doublecross-Comm Doublecross-Comm
Holiday Headcase Holiday Headcase
Lord Cockswain's Novelty Mutton Chops and Pipe Lord Cockswain's Novelty Mutton Chops and Pipe
Physician's Procedure Mask Physician's Procedure Mask
Villain's Veil Villain's Veil
Whiskered Gentleman Whiskered Gentleman
Belt (Demoman) Aladdin's Private Reserve Aladdin's Private Reserve
Disconnected Floating Item Balloonicorn Balloonicorn
RoBro 3000 RoBro 3000
Earbuds Special Earbuds Earbuds
Ears Nanobalaclava Nanobalaclava
Safe'n'Sound Safe'n'Sound
War Head War Head
Belt (Engineer) Wingstick Wingstick
Left Arm (Engineer) Pip-Boy Pip-Boy
Pants (Engineer) Texas Half-Pants Texas Half-Pants
Pocket (Engineer) Builder's Blueprints Builder's Blueprints
Itsy Bitsy Spyer Itsy Bitsy Spyer
Stocking Stuffer Stocking Stuffer
Teddy Roosebelt Teddy Roosebelt‎
Wings (Engineer) Frontier Flyboy Frontier Flyboy
Face Berliner's Bucket Helm Berliner's Bucket Helm
Blighted Beak Blighted Beak
Bolgan Bolgan
Defiant Spartan Defiant Spartan
Dr. Gogglestache Dr. Gogglestache
Dragonborn Helmet Dragonborn Helmet
Hero's Hachimaki Hero's Hachimaki
Humanitarian's Hachimaki Humanitarian's Hachimaki
Noh Mercy Noh Mercy
Scottish Snarl Scottish Snarl
Seal Mask Seal Mask
Spine-Chilling Skull Spine-Chilling Skull
Spine-Chilling Skull 2011 Spine-Chilling Skull 2011
Spine-Cooling Skull Spine-Cooling Skull
Spine-Tingling Skull Spine-Tingling Skull
Spine-Twisting Skull Spine-Twisting Skull
Spiral Sallet Spiral Sallet
Warsworn Helmet Warsworn Helmet
Whiskered Gentleman Whiskered Gentleman
Feet Ali Baba's Wee Booties Ali Baba's Wee Booties
Ball-Kicking Boots Ball-Kicking Boots
Bootie Time Bootie Time
Bootlegger Bootlegger
Essential Accessories Essential Accessories
Flip-Flops Flip-Flops
Futankhamun Futankhamun
Gunboats Gunboats
Legend of Bugfoot Legend of Bugfoot
Mantreads Mantreads
Pickled Paws Pickled Paws
Prairie Heel Biters Prairie Heel Biters
Shoestring Budget Shoestring Budget
Sneaky Spats of Sneaking Sneaky Spats of Sneaking
Steel-Toed Stompers Steel-Toed Stompers
Teufort Tooth Kicker Teufort Tooth Kicker
Flair Flair! Flair!
Glasses Brain Bucket Brain Bucket
Brainiac Goggles Brainiac Goggles
Dangeresque, Too? Dangeresque, Too?
Familiar Fez Familiar Fez
Googly Gazer Googly Gazer
Griffin's Gog Griffin's Gog
Head Warmer Head Warmer
Honcho's Headgear Honcho's Headgear
Hound Dog Hound Dog
Infernal Impaler Infernal Impaler
Planeswalker Goggles Planeswalker Goggles
Professor Speks Professor Speks
Professor's Peculiarity Professor's Peculiarity
Security Shades Security Shades
Sight for Sore Eyes Sight for Sore Eyes
Snapped Pupil Snapped Pupil
Sniper's Snipin' Glass Sniper's Snipin' Glass
Spectre's Spectacles Spectre's Spectacles
Stereoscopic Shades Stereoscopic Shades
Summer Shades Summer Shades
Grenades A Whiff of the Old Brimstone A Whiff of the Old Brimstone
Burning Bongos Burning Bongos
Captain's Cocktails Captain's Cocktails
Cremator's Conscience Cremator's Conscience
Jingle Belt Jingle Belt
Lumbricus Lid Lumbricus Lid
Ornament Armament Ornament Armament
Professor's Pineapple Professor's Pineapple
Head Skin Bonk Boy Bonk Boy
Cold War Luchador Cold War Luchador
Large Luchadore Large Luchadore
Le Party Phantom Le Party Phantom
Hip (Heavy) Sandvich Safe Sandvich Safe
Pocket (Heavy) Pocket Medic Pocket Medic
Left Shoulder Archimedes Archimedes
Bird-Man of Aberdeen Bird-Man of Aberdeen
Lenses Blazing Bull Blazing Bull
Deus Specs Deus Specs
Googly Gazer Googly Gazer
Nine-Pipe Problem Nine-Pipe Problem
Sight for Sore Eyes Sight for Sore Eyes
Medal Atomic Accolade Atomic Accolade
Awesomenauts Badge Awesomenauts Badge
Bolgan Family Crest Bolgan Family Crest
Bombinomicon Bombinomicon
Bronze Dueling Badge Bronze Dueling Badge
Clan Pride Clan Pride
Companion Cube Pin Companion Cube Pin
Dr. Grordbort's Copper Crest Dr. Grordbort's Copper Crest
Dr. Grordbort's Crest Dr. Grordbort's Crest
Dr. Grordbort's Silver Crest Dr. Grordbort's Silver Crest
Gentle Manne's Service Medal Gentle Manne's Service Medal
Gold Dueling Badge Gold Dueling Badge
Grizzled Veteran Grizzled Veteran
License to Maim License to Maim
Made Man Made Man
Map Maker's Medallion Map Maker's Medallion
Mark of the Saint Mark of the Saint
Merc Medal Merc Medal
Mercenary Mercenary
Photo Badge Photo Badge
Platinum Dueling Badge Platinum Dueling Badge
Polycount Pin Polycount Pin
Primeval Warrior Primeval Warrior
Ready Steady Pan Participant Ready Steady Pan Participant
Ready Steady Pan Participant Ready Steady Pan Participant
Resurrection Associate Pin Resurrection Associate Pin
Silver Dueling Badge Silver Dueling Badge
Soldier of Fortune Soldier of Fortune
SpaceChem Pin SpaceChem Pin
Spirit Of Giving Spirit Of Giving
Tour of Duty Badge Tour of Duty Badge
Tournament Medal - ETF2L Highlander Tournament Tournament Medal - ETF2L Highlander Tournament
Tournament Medal - GWJ Tournament Tournament Medal - GWJ Tournament
Tournament Medal - UGC Highlander Tournament [[Tournament Medal - UGC Highlander Tournament|Template:Dictionary/items/tournament medal - ugc highlander tournament]]
Gloves (Medic) Quadwrangler Quadwrangler
Hip (Medic) Surgeon's Side Satchel Surgeon's Side Satchel
Pocket (Medic) Couvre Corner Couvre Corner
Medigun Accessories (Medic) Emerald Jarate Emerald Jarate
Medi Gun Backpack (Medic) Kritzkrieg Kritzkrieg
Medi Gun Medi Gun
Necklace B-ankh! B-ankh!
Crocodile Smile Crocodile Smile
Dr. Whoa Dr. Whoa
Holiday Headcase Holiday Headcase
Merc's Pride Scarf Merc's Pride Scarf
Sign of the Wolf's School Sign of the Wolf's School
Silver Bullets Silver Bullets
Surgeon's Stethoscope Surgeon's Stethoscope
Tribal Bones Tribal Bones
Head Replacement (Pyro) Apparition's Aspect Apparition's Aspect
Foster's Facade Foster's Facade
HazMat Headcase HazMat Headcase
Last Breath Last Breath
Tail (Pyro) Tail From the Crypt Tail From the Crypt
Wings (Pyro) Fallen Angel Fallen Angel
Backpack (Scout) Boston Boom-Bringer Boston Boom-Bringer
Dillinger's Duffel Dillinger's Duffel
Lucky No. 42 Lucky No. 42
Shirt (Scout or Heavy) Apparatchik's Apparel Apparatchik's Apparel
Fast Learner Fast Learner
Shirt Business Casual Business Casual
Dashin' Hashshashin Dashin' Hashshashin
Dr. Whoa Dr. Whoa
Fancy Dress Uniform Fancy Dress Uniform
Intangible Ascot Intangible Ascot
Outback Intellectual Outback Intellectual
Rogue's Col Roule Rogue's Col Roule
Stockbroker's Scarf Stockbroker's Scarf
Toss-Proof Towel Toss-Proof Towel
Bullets (Sniper) Silver Bullets Silver Bullets
Legs (Sniper) Garlic Flank Stake Garlic Flank Stake
Pocket (Sniper) Itsy Bitsy Spyer Itsy Bitsy Spyer
Cigar (Soldier) Soldier's Stogie Soldier's Stogie
Coat (Soldier) Kringle Collection Kringle Collection
Whole Head Buzz Killer Buzz Killer
Demoman Mask Demoman Mask
Engineer Mask Engineer Mask
Heavy Mask Heavy Mask
Horseless Headless Horsemann's Head Horseless Headless Horsemann's Head
Mask of the Shaman Mask of the Shaman
Medic Mask Medic Mask
Mildly Disturbing Halloween Mask Mildly Disturbing Halloween Mask
Ninja Cowl Ninja Cowl
Pyro Mask Pyro Mask
Saxton Hale Mask Saxton Hale Mask
Scout Mask Scout Mask
Sniper Mask Sniper Mask
Soldier Mask Soldier Mask
Spy Mask Spy Mask
Triclops Triclops

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