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79477947"[english]Replay_EditorButtonTip_RwButton" "rewind 10 seconds"
79487948"Replay_EditorButtonTip_PlayButton" "播放"
79497949"[english]Replay_EditorButtonTip_PlayButton" "PLAY"
7950N/A"Replay_EditorButtonTip_FfButton" "快轉 - 按住滑鼠左鍵\n * 同時按住 shift 以降低快轉的速度\n * 同時按住 alt 以增快快轉的速度"
N/A7950"Replay_EditorButtonTip_FfButton" "快轉 - 按住滑鼠左鍵\n * 同時按住 Shift 以降低快轉的速度\n * 同時按住 Alt 以增快快轉的速度"
79517951"[english]Replay_EditorButtonTip_FfButton" "fast forward - click and hold the left mouse button\n * hold shift to fast forward slowly\n * hold alt to fast forward quickly"
79527952"Replay_EditorButtonTip_FfHardButton" "快轉至重播檔最尾端或\n結束標記(若有設定)"
79537953"[english]Replay_EditorButtonTip_FfHardButton" "fast forward to the end of the replay or the\nout point, if one is set"