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7171"TF_ScoreBoard_BackstabsLabel" "Backstabs:"
7272"TF_ScoreBoard_BonusLabel" "Bonus:"
7373"TF_ScoreBoard_KillStreak" "Streak"
N/A74"TF_MvMScoreboard_Tour" "Tour"
N/A75"TF_MvMScoreboard_Damage" "Damage"
N/A76"TF_MvMScoreboard_Tank" "Tank"
N/A77"TF_MvMScoreboard_Healing" "Healing"
N/A78"TF_MvMScoreboard_Support" "Support"
N/A79"TF_MvMScoreboard_Money" "Money"
7581"TF_ScoreBoard_DamageLabel" "Damage:"
7682"TF_ScoreBoard_SentryKillsLabel" "Sentry Kills:"
10021008"TF_Wearable_SpookyCompanion" "Spooky Companion"
10031009"TF_Wearable_BirdHead" "Bird Head"
10041010"TF_Wearable_Tentacles" "Tentacles"
1005N/A"TF_Wearable_Snowglobe" "Snowglobe"
N/A1011"TF_Wearable_Snowglobe" "Snow Globe"
N/A1012"TF_Wearable_Sled" "Sled"
N/A1013"TF_Wearable_Squirrel" "Squirrel"
10071015"TF_TauntEnabler_Laugh" "Taunt: The Schadenfreude"
10081016"TF_TauntEnabler_Laugh_Desc" "Share a good natured laugh with everyone except that one guy you just shot."
11051113"TF_Weapon_Riding_Crop" "Riding Crop"
11071115"TF_SodaPopper" "Soda Popper" // ADD THE
1108N/A"TF_SodaPopper_Desc" "Builds Hype as you run. When the Hype Meter is full, unleash mini-crits!"
N/A1116"TF_SodaPopper_Desc" "Builds Hype as you run.\nWhen full, Alt-Fire to activate Hype mode for multiple air jumps."
11091117"TF_Winger" "Winger" // ADD THE
11101118"TF_Atomizer" "Atomizer" // ADD THE
11111119"TF_BonkBoy" "Bonk Boy"
11661174"TF_DeliverGiftDialog_Title" "Deliver a Gift"
11671175"TF_DeliverGiftResultDialog_Title" "Gift Delivery"
N/A1176"TF_DeliverGiftDialog_Random_Text" "Do you want to delivery this gift to a random online player?"
N/A1177"TF_DeliverGiftDialog_Confirm" "Yes, Deliver"
N/A1178"TF_DeliverGiftDialog_Cancel" "No"
11681179"TF_DeliverGiftResultDialog_Success" "The gift has been delivered!"
N/A1180"TF_DeliverGiftResultDialog_Success_WithAccount" "Your gift has been delivered to %receiver_account_name%!"
11691181"TF_DeliverGiftResultDialog_Fail" "Unable to deliver the gift."
11701182"TF_DeliverGiftResultDialog_VAC" "The recipient does not have privileges to receive a gift."
23132325"TF_Winter2013_BattleSocks_Desc" "Granted by crafting the Steam Holiday Sale 2013 badge."
23142326"TF_Winter2013_SmissmasSack" "Sack Fulla Smissmas" // ADD THE
23152327"TF_Winter2013_SmissmasSack_Desc" "Granted by crafting the Steam Holiday Sale 2013 badge."
2316N/A"TF_Winter2013_Caribou" "Smissmass Caribou" // ADD THE
N/A2328"TF_Winter2013_Caribou" "Smissmas Caribou" // ADD THE
23172329"TF_Winter2013_Caribou_Desc" "Granted by crafting the Steam Holiday Sale 2013 badge."
23182330"TF_Winter2013_Randolph" "Randolph the Blood-Nosed Caribou"
23192331"TF_Winter2013_Randolph_Desc" "Granted by crafting the Steam Holiday Sale 2013 badge."
53395351"ItemSel_ITEM1" "- ACCESSORY"
53415353"ItemSel_HEAD" "- HEADWEAR"
5342N/A"ItemSel_MISC" "- MISC"
N/A5354"ItemSel_MISC" "- COSMETIC"
53435355"ItemSel_ACTION" "- ACTION"
53445356"TF_BackCarat" "<< BACK"
53455357"TF_NextCarat" "NEXT >>"
55475559"LoadoutSlot_pda2" "Secondary PDA"
55485560"LoadoutSlot_PrimaryMod" "Ammo"
55495561"LoadoutSlot_Head" "Head"
5550N/A"LoadoutSlot_Misc" "Misc"
N/A5562"LoadoutSlot_Misc" "Cosmetic"
55515563"LoadoutSlot_Action" "Action"
55535565"of" "of"
62356247"TF_WinterCrate2013_Naughty_Desc" "This crate's contents are unknown.\nOnly Naughty Keys fit the lock.\n\nSome, but not all, of the items in this crate are Strange...\nAfter 01/06/2014 this crate can no longer be opened."
62366248"TF_WinterCrate2013_Nice" "Nice Winter Crate 2013"
62376249"TF_WinterCrate2013_Nice_Desc" "This crate's contents are unknown.\nOnly Nice Keys fit the lock.\nAfter 01/06/2014 this crate can no longer be opened."
N/A6250"TF_Tool_WinterKey2013_Naughty" "Naughty Winter Crate Key 2013"
N/A6251"TF_Tool_WinterKey2013_Naughty_Desc" "Used to open Naughty Winter Crate 2013.\nThis key will not open Nice crates.\n\nAfter 1/6/2013 this will turn into a normal key."
N/A6252"TF_Tool_WinterKey2013_Nice" "Nice Winter Crate Key 2013"
N/A6253"TF_Tool_WinterKey2013_Nice_Desc" "Used to open Nice Winter Crate 2013.\nThis key will not open Naughty crates.\n\nAfter 1/6/2013 this will turn into a normal key."
N/A6254"TF_StockingStuffer_2013" "Gift-Stuffed Stocking"
N/A6255"TF_StockingStuffer_2013_Desc" "Contains an assortment of goodies for good little Mercenaries."
62406257"TF_WinterCrate" "Festive Winter Crate"
62416258"TF_WinterCrate_Desc" "A memento from an age long past, this festive crate can no longer be opened and is purely decorative."
63346351"TF_Tool_PaintCan_TeamColor_Desc" "Used to paint other items the color of your current team."
63356352"TF_Tool_Giftwrap" "Gift Wrap"
63366353"TF_Tool_Giftwrap_Desc" "Used to wrap other items for gifting."
N/A6354"TF_Tool_GiftWrap_Global" "Giftapult"
N/A6355"TF_Tool_Giftwrap_Global_Desc" "Can be used to wrap one item for gifting. The gift will be distributed to a random online player when used."
63376356"TF_Tool_Gift" "A Carefully Wrapped Gift"
N/A6357"TF_Tool_Gift_Global" "Loaded Giftapult"
N/A6358"TF_Tool_Gift_Global_Desc" "This Giftapult is prepped and ready for delivery. Use it from your backpack to deliver the contents to a random online player."
N/A6359"TF_Tool_Gift_Global_Received" "Delivered Giftapult Package"
N/A6360"TF_Tool_Gift_Global_Received_Desc" "This package was delivered by Giftapult from a random online stranger. You can open it from your backpack."
63386361"TF_Tool_CustomTextureItem" "Decal Tool"
63396362"TF_Tool_CustomTextureItem_Desc" "Add a custom decal to eligible items."
63406363"TF_Gift" "Gift"
67386761"Attrib_SniperFullChargePenetration" "On Full Charge: Projectiles penetrate players"
67396762"Attrib_DrawBeamWhenScoped" "Uses laser sight"
67406763"Attrib_Recall" "Consumable: Instantly teleport to spawn"
6741N/A"Attrib_SapperKillsCollectCrits" "Gives one guaranteed critical hit for each\nbuilding destroyed with your sapper attached"
N/A6764"Attrib_SapperKillsCollectCrits" "Gives one guaranteed critical hit for each\nbuilding destroyed with your sapper attached\nor backstab kill"
67426765"Attrib_Sniper_FiresTracer" "Fires tracer rounds"
6743N/A"Attrib_ElectricalAirblast" "On Fire: Generates an electrical field that destroys\nprojectiles and does slight damage to players"
N/A6766"Attrib_ElectricalAirblast" "On Fire: Generates an electrical field that destroys\nprojectiles and damages enemies in front of the player"
N/A6767"Attrib_ShortCircuitPositive" "Consumes no ammo on hit"
67446768"Attrib_Unlimited" "Unlimited use"
67456769"Attrib_UberDurationBonus" "Über duration increased %s1 seconds"
67466770"Attrib_RefillAmmo" "Consumable: Instantly refill all weapon clips and ammo"
72697293"TF_Unique_Achievement_Sword_Desc" "This weapon has a large melee range.\nGives increased speed and health\nwith every head you take."
72707294"TF_Unique_Achievement_Shield_Desc" "Alt-Fire: Gain increased attack power by\ncharging toward your enemies."
7271N/A"TF_Unique_EnergyDrink_CritCola_Desc" "While under the effects, +25% movement speed,\nyour attacks mini-crit, and damage taken increased by 25%."
N/A7295"TF_Unique_EnergyDrink_CritCola_Desc" "While under the effects, +25% movement speed,\nyour attacks mini-crit, and damage taken increased by 10%."
72727296"TF_Unique_MediGun_QuickFix_Desc" "Move at the speed of any faster heal target."
72737297"TF_Unique_MediGun_Resist_Desc" "ÜberCharge provides 75% resistance to a selected damage type. You are healed for 25% of the matched incoming damage on your heal target."
72747298"TF_HalloweenBoss_Axe_Desc" "Cursed by dark spirits similar to\nthose that dwell within the Eyelander."
93359359"TF_Matchmaking_AcceptInviteFailTitle" "Error"
93369360"TF_Matchmaking_AcceptInviteFailMessage" "Failed to accept invite to join search party. The party may have already been disbanded."
93379361"TF_Matchmaking_MannUpDisabled" "Matchmaking for Mann Up is temporarily disabled."
9338N/A"TF_Matchmaking_PartyPenalty" "A member of your party has recently abandoned a game. You are temporaily matchmaking with lower priority."
N/A9362"TF_Matchmaking_PartyPenalty" "A member of your party has recently abandoned a game. You are temporarily matchmaking with lower priority."
93409364"TF_QuickplayBeta_OptIn_Title" "Try Quickplay Beta?"
93419365"TF_QuickplayBeta_OptIn_Message" "You can form a search party with friends and find a gameserver together.\n\nNever get matched into an empty server again!"
99129936"TF_Weapon_Ambassador_Festive2012" "Festive Ambassador"
99139937"TF_Weapon_GrenadeLauncher_Festive2012" "Festive Grenade Launcher"
N/A9939"TF_Weapon_ForceANature_Festive2013" "Festive Force-A-Nature"
N/A9940"TF_Weapon_CrusaderCrossbow_Festive2013" "Festive Crusader's Crossbow"
N/A9941"TF_Weapon_Sapper_Festive2013" "Festive Sapper"
N/A9942"TF_Weapon_Flaregun_Festive2013" "Festive Flare Gun"
N/A9943"TF_Weapon_Eyelander_Festive2013" "Festive Eyelander"
N/A9944"TF_Weapon_Jarate_Festive2013" "Festive Jarate"
N/A9945"TF_Weapon_GRU_Festive2013" "Festive Gloves of Running Urgently"
N/A9946"TF_Weapon_Blackbox_Festive2013" "Festive Black Box"
N/A9947"TF_Weapon_Wrangler_Festive2013" "Festive Wrangler"
99159949"TF_Backpack_ShowNoBorders" "No Item Borders"
99169950"TF_Backpack_ShowQualityBorders" "Show Quality Color Borders"
99179951"TF_Backpack_ShowMarketableBorders" "Show Marketable Borders Only"
1055510589"TF_hw2013_the_abhorrent_appendages" "Abhorrent Appendages" // ADD THE
1055610590"TF_hw2013_the_abhorrent_appendages_Desc" ""
N/A10592"TF_xms2013_pyro_arctic_mask" "Blizzard Breather" // ADD THE
N/A10593"TF_xms2013_pyro_arctic_suit" "Sub Zero Suit" // ADD THE
N/A10594"TF_xms2013_winter_hat_scarf" "Neckwear Headwear"
N/A10595"TF_xms2013_pyro_sled" "Trail-Blazer" // ADD THE
N/A10596"TF_xms2013_spy_jacket" "Dead of Night"
N/A10597"TF_xms2013_sniper_jacket" "Snow Scoper" // ADD THE
N/A10598"TF_xms2013_medic_hood" "Nunhood" // ADD THE
N/A10599"TF_xms2013_medic_robe" "Angel of Death" // ADD THE
N/A10600"TF_xms2013_kissking" "Kiss King" // ADD THE
N/A10601"TF_xms2013_soldier_marshal_hat" "Slo-Poke" // ADD THE
N/A10602"TF_xms2013_heavy_slick_hair" "Minnesota Slick"
N/A10603"TF_xms2013_sniper_shako" "Toy Soldier" // ADD THE
N/A10604"TF_xms2013_sniper_beard" "Five-Month Shadow" // ADD THE
N/A10605"TF_xms2013_medic_knecht_hat" "Mann of Reason" // ADD THE
N/A10606"TF_xms2013_heavy_pants" "Mann Of House" // ADD THE
N/A10607"TF_xms2013_scout_squirrel" "Chucklenuts"
N/A10608"TF_xms2013_pyro_wood" "Tiny Timber"
N/A10609"TF_xms2013_festive_beard" "Face Full of Festive"
N/A10610"TF_xms2013_ruffled_beard" "Ruffled Ruprecht" // ADD THE
N/A10611"TF_xms2013_sniper_golden_garment" "Golden Garment" // ADD THE
N/A10612"TF_xms2013_scout_drummer_shirt" "Little Drummer Mann" // ADD THE
N/A10613"TF_xms2013_scout_drummer_hat" "Scout Shako" // ADD THE
N/A10614"TF_xms2013_pyro_tailor_hat" "Toy Tailor" // ADD THE
N/A10615"TF_xms2013_sniper_layer_vest" "Extra Layer" // ADD THE
N/A10616"TF_xms2013_polar_pullover" "Polar Pullover" // ADD THE
N/A10617"TF_xms2013_dogfighter_jacket" "Dogfighter" // ADD THE
N/A10618"TF_xms2013_soldier_parka" "Antarctic Parka"
N/A10619"TF_xms2013_scout_skicap" "Runner's Warm-Up"
N/A10620"TF_xms2013_demo_plaid_boots" "Highland High Heels"
N/A10621"TF_xms2013_demo_plaid_hat" "Tartan Tyrolean"
N/A10622"TF_xms2013_soldier_marshal_beard" "Marshall's Mutton Chops"
N/A10623"TF_xms2013_soviet_stache" "Dictator" // ADD THE