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20812081"[english]quest25023objectivedesc2" "Collect souls on Mann Manor: %s1"
20822082"quest25023objectivedesc3" "Mann Manor'da bir bölgeyi Ele Geçir veya Savun: %s1"
20832083"[english]quest25023objectivedesc3" "Capture or Defend an objective on Mann Manor: %s1"
N/A2084"quest25024desc1" "Sevgili Ölümlü! Şafak vaktine kadar sevdiğin her şey ölmüş olacak! İmza, Merasmus! Dipnot: Ben hala hayatta olacağım, çünkü seni sevmiyorum!"
N/A2085"[english]quest25024desc1" "Dear Mortal! Everything you love will be dead by dawn! Signed, Merasmus! Postscript: I'll still be alive, because I DON'T EVEN LIKE YOU!"
20842086"quest25024name1" "Harvest"
20852087"[english]quest25024name1" "Harvest"
20862088"quest25024name1632016" "Harvest"