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-->{{md}}{{Item link|Unusualifier}}
-->{{md}}{{Item link|Unusualifier}}
| group5 = [[Major updates{{if lang}}|{{common string|other events}}]]
| list5 = [[Haunted Hallowe'en Special{{if lang}}|{{common string|haunted halloween special}} (2009)]]<!--
-->{{md}}[[Scream Fortress Update{{if lang}}|{{common string|scream fortress}} (2010)]]<!--
-->{{md}}[[Very Scary Halloween Special{{if lang}}|{{common string|very scary halloween special}} (2011)]]<!--
-->{{md}}[[Spectral Halloween Special{{if lang}}|{{common string|spectral halloween special}} (2012)]]<!--
-->{{md}}[[Scream Fortress 2013{{if lang}}|{{common string|scream fortress 2013}}]]<!--
-->{{md}}[[Scream Fortress 2014{{if lang}}|{{common string|scream fortress 2014}}]]<!--
-->{{md}}[[Scream Fortress 2015{{if lang}}|{{common string|scream fortress 2015}}]]

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