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== Bugs ==
== Bugs ==
* This item does not get covered in [[Jarate]] after being hit.
* Sometimes this item will appear half invisible.
* Sometimes this item will appear half invisible.
* There are no polygons on the insides of the shirt, allowing players to see through them at certain angles.
* When switching to another class that has the Triad Trinket equipped while your current class is also equipping the Triad Trinket, the new class would be wearing the Triad Trinket of the previous class.
== Trivia ==
== Trivia ==

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Oh, fat man, please! This is getting awkward!
The Spy on the Heavy's ill-fitting attire.

The Triad Trinket is a community-made miscellaneous item for the Scout, Spy, Heavy, Engineer and Sniper with two styles. It is an open-shirt with a gold necklace that also adds a flipped up collar. The Scout's dog tag necklace gets a golden chain replacement. The undershirts of the team are also replaced. The trinket does not fit the Heavy, leaving part of his stomach revealed. The shirt does not cover the Spy's neck, leaving part of his chest revealed.

The Triad Trinket has two unique styles. The "Bear" style adds chest hair, which has no effect on the Scout.

This item is awarded in Genuine quality to players who pre-purchased Sleeping Dogs on Steam before August 14, 2012 and August 17, 2012 Europe.

The Triad Trinket was later contributed to the Steam Workshop, at Valve's request.


Main article: Styles
RED Triad Trinket Bare.png
RED Triad Trinket Bear.png
Bare Bear

Update history

August 2, 2012 Patch

  • The Triad Trinket was added to the game.

August 3, 2012 Patch

  • Changed equip region from 'necklace' to 'shirt' and 'Scout or heavy shirt'.


  • Sometimes this item will appear half invisible.


  • The Triad Trinket is a remade version of an older submission by SVDL, titled the Lounge Lizard.


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