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(List of Shortcuts: Mod/Mods, Category:Mods)
(List of Shortcuts: * Policy, <small>Team Fortress Wiki:Policies</small>)
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* [[NPC]] <small>Non-player characters</small>
* [[NPC]] <small>Non-player characters</small>
* [[Overlinking]], <small>Help:Style guide#Overlinking and underlinking</small>
* [[Overlinking]], <small>Help:Style guide#Overlinking and underlinking</small>
* [[Policy]], <small>Team Fortress Wiki:Policies</small>
* [[Quote]]/[[Quotes]], <small>Help:Style guide/Quotes</small>
* [[Quote]]/[[Quotes]], <small>Help:Style guide/Quotes</small>
* [[Reports]], <small>Team Fortress Wiki:Reports</small>
* [[Reports]], <small>Team Fortress Wiki:Reports</small>

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Scream Fortress 2018#Cosmetic items

List of Shortcuts

Over time, others and I have made some shortcuts, essentially just editor conveniences, more than I can remember. Generally, they are short versions of long, complicated links that I have trouble remembering. Several are meant for making efficient links in edit summaries when reverting noob edits. After I collect a bunch here (you can add yours here) I may make Category:Shortcuts.

  • DYK, Template:Did you know
  • Help, Help:Contents
  • FA, Team Fortress Wiki:Featured articles
  • Maintenance, Category:Maintenance templates
  • Mod/Mods, Category:Mods
  • Noms, Team Fortress Wiki:Wiki Cap/Nominations#Nominee Vote Queue
  • NPC Non-player characters
  • Overlinking, Help:Style guide#Overlinking and underlinking
  • Policy, Team Fortress Wiki:Policies
  • Quote/Quotes, Help:Style guide/Quotes
  • Reports, Team Fortress Wiki:Reports
  • SFIX/SFX/SFXI, Scream Fortress IX/X/XI
  • Trivia, Help:Style guide/Trivia
Edit summary tags for Trivia style violations:
  • Irrelevant, Help:Style guide/Trivia#Irrelevant
  • Misplaced, Help:Style guide/Trivia#Misplaced
  • Speculation, Help:Style guide/Trivia#Speculation
  • Obvious, Help:Style guide/Trivia#Obvious
  • XofY, Help:Style guide/Trivia#XofY
  • Observation, Help:Style guide/Trivia#Observation

This Game Wiki Editor's Prayer

As I sit to type, I utter this self-admonishing prayer:

Very, very few edits to any game wiki will feed, clothe, or comfort anyone or anything except frail egos. I pray to minimize my self-absorption and sloth and that I not compound my sins with jealousy and/or anger over game wiki edits.

Loving games is easy, even thieves, murders, and haters love games. How much more glorious is it to love something that does not give such immediate, easy pleasure?


Somewhat tangentially, I quibble with the comment “If you don't read the comics you wouldn't care about the administrator at all.” I don’t think I got into the comics and videos until my first Halloween event (Fourth Annual Halloween Special). I went the wiki to learn how to fight the bosses, and in that manner learned about the past content. Similarly, that is how I learned that the Administrator/Announcer had any sort of significance. Moreover, it was through the wiki that I learned that the game had any storyline at all. In a nutshell, I found the game, googled for strategy, found the wiki, found the storyline, found the comics. YMV; but, maybe it happens that way for others, too. Truly, the wiki is the bookshelf where I keep my "worn" copies of the comics. Mikado282 (talk) 21:39, 22 April 2014 (PDT)