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{{User Civilization}}
{{User Civilization}}

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Edit icon.png This user is a Team Fortress Wiki editor.

TF2 crosshair.png This user is a Team Fortress Wiki translator!

Flag Russia.png This user is Russian. Beware of bears!

en-3 This user has advanced knowledge of English.

Userbox STS.gif This user contributes to the Russian translations of Steam and Valve games.

RED Wiki Cap.png This user owns a Wiki Cap.

User Medic.png This user is a Medic.
“Zat, vas doctah assisted homicide!”

User Soldier.png This user is a Soldier.

Achieved.png This user has earned 440 of the 520 TF2 achievements. That's 85%!

Civ1Wiseman.jpg This user has found
scrolls of ancient wisdom
playing Sid Meier's Civilization.