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(This has overstayed its welcome.)
(it's been real)
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===''The competitive intro guide is located [[User:Xenak/competitiveintro|here.]]''===
===''Wiki-Zatoichi page is [[User:Xenak/HZ|here.]]===
{{User Wiki Cap}}
{{User Detective|Sergeant}}
==Other crap ==
{{Quotation|'''Xenak'''|Stealing Esky's work since 1874'''!}}
{{Quotation|The Medic|OKTOBERFEST|sound=Medic_taunts16.wav}} ت
{| align=center
|{{Backpack item
| item-name = Bonesaw
| custom-name = Community Xenak
| item-description = When you need just a ''little'' bit more edit.
| quality = Community
| item-level = Level 71 Contributor
| width = 245px
{| align=center
|{{Backpack item
| item-name = Fan O'War
| custom-name = kreafan
|item-description = <<Not here yet>>
| item-level = Level 717 kreafan
| width = 245px
Well, I'm more of Esky's McHelper. He/She/It/They asked me to! I guess I should also say that my steam page is [http://steamcommunity.com/id/xenak/ here] if you want to talk to me. Also, my talk page is [[user_talk:Xenak|here]] for open discussion I guess.
Once I got Soothtuft as a captcha. I've officially decided that a soothtuft is a patch of grass that a dead cat is sitting on. Also, I got machocubes. Go me.
Some words here... and there...
Also, I'm officially a winner for mixing up the unofficial TF2 Wiki with this one. Stoopid, stoopid, stoopid!
Well, I mean it wasn't that obvious... Right?
==How Xenak got permabanned==
[14:11:26] * Xenak has joined #tfwiki
[14:11:31]<Xenak> Ahoy!
[14:11:38] <Epic_Eric> Heya pardner
[14:11:38] <real_alien_> Hi
[14:11:40] <Epic_Eric> 503
[14:11:49] <Spacenet> [�RC�] L Protect Crafting/pt-br by EpicEric - http://j.mp/rhq34e (Don't touch, is wrong) (18:11:44) [Via Dyne]
[14:11:52] <Epic_Eric> ^ Just so that guy won't poke that stuff
[14:12:00] <Spacenet> [�RC�] L Modify Crafting/pt-br by EpicEric - http://j.mp/rhq34e (Don't touch, is wrong) (18:11:46) [Via Dyne]
[14:12:06] <Epic_Eric> lolwut
[14:12:17] * Xenak pokes Crafting/pt-br
[14:12:21] <Epic_Eric> NOU
[14:12:24] <Xenak> =(
[14:12:26] * Epic_Eric permabans Xenak
[14:12:32] * Xenak is permabanned
======[[User:Xenak/enginer|Just to see if anyone actually reads this stuff...]]======

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