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Custommod arenarespawn 01.png
Death is stupid!
The Scout on preferring Arena: Respawn

Arena: Respawn is an open source Arena mod developed and hosted by awk. Like Arena mode, there is no respawn timer, and the objective is to completely eliminate the enemy team.

However, Arena: Respawn offers ways to revive dead teammates. Spawnpoints are scattered throughout the map and can be activated by reactor cores. Active spawnpoints provide health, ammo, and slowly respawn players.

Every Arena map has a control point which changes owners based on which team is winning the fight. Capturing the point from the enemy team will respawn all dead allies.

Freshly spawned players are granted a three-second ÜberCharge to protect them from any immediate danger. However, they are still vulnerable to knockback.


Rounds of Arena: Respawn begin with the control point locked and neutral. As the round progresses, the point unlocks and changes ownership based on which team is considered to "in the lead." At any given time, the team with the fewest dead (or, in the case of a tie, the most alive) players is the leading team. If all players are respawned, the point resets and locks again.

When the leading team changes, the ground shakes and a Eureka Effect-style lightning bolt strikes the point, changing its owner.

Round timer

The round timer starts at 60 seconds and counts down to the end of the round. Activating a spawnpoint, capturing the control point, or killing a member of the winning team extends the timer.

Action Extension
Point capture 30.000 seconds
Charge first spawnpoint 30.000 seconds
Kill a winning team member 15.000 seconds
Charge second spawnpoint 15.000 seconds
Charge third spawnpoint 7.500 seconds
Charge fourth spawnpoint 3.750 seconds
Charge fifth spawnpoint 1.875 seconds

Once the timer reaches zero, the team in the lead is declared the winner. If the teams are tied (both teams are fully up), the control point unlocks and the next capture wins the game.


Spawnpoint Healing Max health Ammo
Level 1 spawnpoint 10 health/second 100% 10% every 2 seconds
Level 2 spawnpoint 15 health/second 125% 15% every 2 seconds
Level 3 spawnpoint 20 health/second 150% 20% every 2 seconds

Scattered around the maps are several miniature capture points called spawnpoints. Each team has a Reactor Core spawned in front of their spawn, which can be stolen by the opposing team and brought to a spawnpoint to turn it into a respawn point for the capturing's team. The spawnpoint will respawn players one by one if their team is currently losing. A team may also steal a spawnpoint captured by the opposing team. The spawnpoint, when captured, also acts similar to a Dispenser for the team that captured it. The closer a spawnpoint is to the team's spawn, the more Overheal it will give, and will heal and dispense ammo faster.

Similar to the control point, the respawn timer for the spawnpoint starts at 10 seconds, and for each player respawn, it increases by a quarter of a second. If the control point is being captured, the respawn timer will freeze at zero until the control point isn't being captured, and the timer will be reset on another spawnpoint (if any are available for their team) if the spawnpoint about to respawn a player is captured by the enemy team.

Control point

The time required to capture the central control point is greatly decreased in Arena: Respawn, and is consistent throughout all maps played. This is meant to encourage sneak captures and strategy to draw the enemy team away from the point. The central control point's capture time starts at 5 seconds, and for each player respawn, the capture time increases by a quarter of a second, making respawning increasingly slower as the game progresses.

The control point will also automatically shift to be owned by the team with more players, and be locked when both teams have equal players, to allow for the losing team to have the control point be accessible without having to wait for the winning team to manually capture it.

Competitive format

Arena: Respawn is designed to be played in 5v5 format with single class limits (Highlander mode enabled).

Supported maps

Official Maps

Note: Community maps are italicized.

Name Picture File name
(King of the Hill)
Badlands2.png koth_badlands
Kong King Kong King.png koth_king
Lakeside Koth lakeside.jpg koth_lakeside_final
Lumberyard Arenalumberyard.jpg arena_lumberyard
(King of the Hill)
Nucleus.PNG koth_nucleus
Offblast Offblast 01.jpg arena_offblast_final
Ravine Arenaravine.jpg arena_ravine
Sawmill.PNG arena_sawmill
Watchtower Watch 01.jpg arena_watchtower
Tg arenawell.jpg arena_well

Custom Maps

  • Airfield (koth_airfield_b7)
  • Arakawa (arena_arakawa_b3)
  • Arctic (koth_arctic_b3)
  • Backwash (arena_backwash_b3)
  • Canopy (koth_canopy_b3a)
  • Chasm (koth_chasm_b1)
  • Coalmine (arena_coalmine_b1)
  • Coalplant (arena_coalmine_b1)
  • Danktown (arena_danktown_b7a)
  • Draft (arena_draft_b2)
  • Dropdown (arena_dropdown_rc1)
  • Flourmill (arena_flourmill_b11)
  • Fuel (koth_fuel_a4)
  • Goldtooth (arena_goldtooth_rc4)
  • Hardhat (arena_hardhat_b2a)
  • Hydrothunder (arena_hydrothunder_final)
  • Mach2 (arena_mach2)
  • Moonshine (koth_moonshine_rc)
  • Nerve (koth_nerve)
  • Polar (arena_polar_final)
  • Product (koth_product_rc8)
  • Recluse (arena_recluse_a10)
  • Rundown (koth_rundown_b2)
  • Watermill (arena_watermill_final)

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