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Death is stupid!
The Scout on preferring Arena: Respawn to stock Arena

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Arena: Respawn is a modification of the Arena game mode, created and maintained by awk. Similarly to the original Arena mode for Team Fortress 2, there are no respawn timers. However, dead teammates can be revived by capturing the central control point. Wins can be achieved by either wiping the enemy team entirely, or by capturing the control point a second time once the doublecap timer runs out.

The gamemode has been mentioned on the official TF2 Blog and has seen invite-level play during its development. The plugin is fully open-source and can be compiled or downloaded from its Github.


Gameplay in Arena: Respawn is far more point-centric than standard Arena. In stock Arena, the point is seen as a last resort method of ending a match if players are hiding (for example, by using the Cloak and Dagger) and dragging the match on. In Arena: Respawn, however, the control point is used as a way of achieving the primary objective, rather than being a secondary objective that immediately ends the round.

Like Arena, Arena: Respawn offers no spawn protection. Once the spawn doors are open in a match, they will not be closed again, and players can walk into enemy spawns freely. To counteract spawncamping, players are given a three-second Ubercharge upon being respawned. (In competitive matches, this Ubercharge period is shortened to one second.) However, it is highly recommended to check your surroundings immediately upon spawning, so that you are not caught unawares by a Spy following your team out of spawn.

The time required to capture the central control point is greatly decreased in Arena: Respawn, and consistent throughout all maps played. This is meant to encourage sneak captures and clever tactics to move the enemy team away from the point, even briefly. To prevent an accidental capture during the first battle of a round, the initial capture takes twice as long as subsequent captures.

To discourage point camping, a player standing on the control point while their team owns it will mark the player for death. This debuff will remain with the player for two seconds after they step off the point, making the capture area dangerous to cross.

Dynamic rule adjustments

Certain rules were deemed unfair or unfun to play against in pub play when teams are too small. For this reason, Arena: Respawn has special dynamic rules in place for "small" matches.

Under 3v3

  • First Blood crits on kill are disabled.
  • Capturing a control point will give the capturing player(s) an overheal buff as well as respawning their dead teammate (if they have one).

Under 7v7

  • First Blood crits on kill are disabled.
  • Points no longer overheal on capture.
  • If the last man standing on one team kills a player on the enemy team, and the enemy team had at least 3 players at the time of the kill, they will be granted an eight-second crit boost to aggressively pursue the rest of the enemy team.

7v7 and up

Competitive format

Arena: Respawn is designed to be played 5v5 in competitive with per-map class bans. At the start of a match, both teams ban a single class for the duration of the map's play. It is highly recommended to disallow repeat bans in a tournament, so that all classes have the chance to be played during the tournament's duration.

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