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The Custom Targe is an experimental potentially decal-able secondary weapon for the Demoman that was being play-tested by Valve. The existence of this weapon was first discovered in the form of filename strings found in some .lst files from before the May 13, 2013 Patch when all .lst files in the tf\reslists folder were deleted;

  • tf\materials\models\weapons\c_items\c_targe_user.vmt
  • tf\materials\models\weapons\c_items\c_targe_user.vtf
  • tf\models\weapons\c_models\c_targe\c_targe_user.ani
  • tf\models\weapons\c_models\c_targe\c_targe_user.dx80.vtx
  • tf\models\weapons\c_models\c_targe\c_targe_user.dx90.vtx
  • tf\models\weapons\c_models\c_targe\c_targe_user.jpg
  • tf\models\weapons\c_models\c_targe\c_targe_user.mdl
  • tf\models\weapons\c_models\c_targe\c_targe_user.phy
  • tf\models\weapons\c_models\c_targe\c_targe_user.sw.vtx
  • tf\models\weapons\c_models\c_targe\c_targe_user.vvd

The Chargin' Targe's c_model (normal & festive) files are located in tf/models/weapons/c_models/c_targe/, where the c_targe_user.mdl model was supposedly located. However, the c_targe_user.mdl model has not appeared in the game files. The model residing in the same directory as the Chargin' Targe's models could indicate that the Custom Targe was to be a Chargin' Targe that you could apply a decal to.