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Ctf deliverance b3 bludrill.jpg
Basic information
Map type Capture the Flag
Version: Beta 3
Release date: January 19, 2010
Last updated: May 7, 2010
Developer(s): Mark "Shmitz" Major
Map Overview
Deliverance overview.png

Deliverance is a Capture the Flag map created for the's Competitive CTF Contest. It won second place, behind Wildfire and ahead of Fusion. It employs an invasion mechanic, where a single, neutral flag spawns at the center of the map and must be delivered to the enemy base.


  • The Drill: The intelligence capture zone, a giant drill in each base.
  • The Cave: A side path through a cave that leads to an upper area above each base.
  • The intersection: The middle of the map where the intelligence is spawned.
  • The Shacks: Connected small shacks that reside on both sides of the map.


  • Because the Intelligence must be captured in the enemy base, offensive Engineer strategies can be effective.

Update history

  • Improved the visuals around the drill and cave areas.
  • Removed obsolete nook at the back of the cave and moved the small health to behind the central rock.
  • Compiled with higher quality lighting options.


  • More detailing!
  • Adjusted a lot of lights.
  • Added skybox.
  • Removed porpoise bird from soundscape.
  • Swapped small healths and ammos in mid.


  • Much detailing.
  • Cart no longer moves.
  • Changed "tunnel" entrance/exit to capture area, adding a slightly less cramped staging room before the cave.
  • Changed lower spawn exit to be a one-way drop down hatch. Instead of exiting off to the side of mid, it lets out into the small tunnel that connects the mid building to the track path.
  • Added soundscapes.
  • Added more observer cams and removed redundant cam.