Dihydrogen Monoxide (mission)

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Dihydrogen Monoxide
Basic Information
Name: Dihydrogen Monoxide

File name:

Developer(s): Tindall Berry
Map: Waterfront
Mission type: Invasion
Waves: 10
Difficulty: Intermediate
Starting credits: 420
Maximum possible credits: Unknown
Minimum respawn wave time: Unknown
Maximum respawn wave time: Unknown
Fixed respawn time: Unknown
Tour: Operation Memes vs Machines
Sentry Buster spawn time: Unknown
Sentry Buster respawn time: Unknown

Dihydrogen Monoxide is an Intermediate Mann vs. Machine mission created by Tindall Berry which takes place on the map Waterfront. It was created for Operation Memes vs Machines. The name Dihydrogen Monoxide comes from an ongoing parody of sensationalized health concerns, usually with dihydrogen monoxide being presented as a dangerous chemical despite being another name for water. This is also a clear reference to the map Waterfront, which the mission takes place on.


On February 1, 2019, Operation Memes vs Machines was announced by Steam group Potato's Custom MvM Servers. This event was based around community-made Mann vs Machine missions, starting with a privately-judged contest before being opened to public servers. Contestant Tindall Berry submitted the mission Dihydrogen Monoxide to the contest, and was eventually accepted into the final mission pool. Berry had previously worked on other custom Mann vs Machine events with the group, most notably Operation Titanium Tank, Operation Canteen Crasher, and Operation Madness vs Machines. Of these, Berry totaled 14 accepted mission submissions. From April 1, 2019, until April 16, 2019, Dihydrogen Monoxide would be run on the Potato servers, featuring ten waves. The mission, complying with contest rules, was run on the Intermediate difficulty setting. Initially, Dihydrogen Monoxide was to be run for one week-long tour, however all maps were extended until April 16, 2019, owing to positive community participation.

To date, Dihydrogen Monoxide is Berry's last published Mann vs. Machine mission.


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